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☆彡 This entry is double ‘o’ seven. Fufufufu~

Anyway, JOELANTA was amazing! I have never seen so many toys in my life. It was a bit overwhelming to look at all the toys, their accessories, their alternate versions — it was paradise for toy fans like Mark and me. The cool thing is that these toys were super cheap. For example, some guy was selling four 12″ dolls from Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within for $20, AND a Barriss Offee 12″ doll for $10. It’s usually $40 online for Barriss. So, once more, super cheap! I wanted so many things! G.I. Joes included! Mark has officially made me fall in love with G.I. Joes. That adorable fiend. *shakes fist*

Speaking of the adorable fiend, he got a lot of things today. He is on Cloud 9 right now. It’s really cute how excited he is. Actually, I was withdrawing money from the ATM machine when Mark ran up to me just…foaming-at-the-mouth excited because Larry Hama was a few feet away from him. Larry Hama wrote a lot of his favorite G.I. Joe stories, so he was freaking out. He managed to get an autograph from him before we even entered the actual convention come to think of it, and he’s still pretty thrilled about that.

Anyway, amazing day! We are already filling our schedules with toy conventions. This time, we’re going to bring much more money. MUCH MORE. I had to pass up Barriss, which sucked, but it didn’t suck as much as passing up this amazing Motoko Kusanagi doll that I saw there. The articulation is fantastic. She comes with two guns, and cyber arms too. The great thing is that because she’s a 12″ doll that is made to hold guns, she can fit into any G.I. Joe gear we already have. And, if I want her to dress feminine, I can dress her into Barbie clothes. It all works out. The only thing on the doll that kind of made me raise a brow were the nipples. She seriously has nipples. LOL! And her doll doesn’t come with a bra, so it’s kind of just poking at her shirt. But fuck it. She’s The Major. She runs around naked at times. It’s awwwwright~

By the way, here is the doll:

Her camo outfit is cool, but the cyber arms at the bottom are even cooler. I can’t wait to get this! >_<

I also managed to take some pictures of the toy collections. I meant to get a bunch more, but Mark and I were too busy having heart attacks. Sorry. XD

Not even 5% of the Joe stuff stuff. Pretty awesome! ^^

Found some neat dioramas!

Mark actually wants to make a battlefield like this, but our place is too small. Once we get a house, though, we want to turn the entire basement into different locations to station our toys.

This was my favorite diorama. Someone actually got sand, copied actual hieroglyhics, and painted all of those drawings. ALL THE AWARDS.

Do you see Zartan in the back? 😀

Steampunk Joes! LOL! Whoever did this deserves infinite high fives.

Frankenstein though. XD

Cool! I saw two of these there! I wanted them both. *phantom tear drop*

Man, I cannot wait until our next toy convention. The next one will have more anime-related toys, so I’m going to start saving up cash. Might find some Sailor Moon or Final Fantasy related toys there, and I’d pretty much kill for those.

☆彡 I can’t wait until it gets colder so I can put this Squall-esque jacket to use. Now I just have to not lose this Griever necklace again. That’s the really hard part. I would like to get some leather pants to go with this jacket someday. I’ll see.

☆彡 Wal-Mart sells these ultra fine multicolored ink pens — 11 in a pack — for $3.00. Three of them are black, so it’s perfect for inking my drawings. Once I get my drawings inked I can color them easier in GIMP, and then I can sell them. Maybe. If anyone will buy them. Can’t hurt to try.

☆彡 I know it’s springtime when I find my car covered in pollen. Bring on the allergies! Yay!

☆彡 I’m actually becoming less antsy about finishing Skyward Sword. I am thinking less about stretching the enjoyment value, and more about reuniting Link and Zelda. The fact that they’re romantically involved in this game…it’s a Zelda fan’s dream come true. Maybe dream come true isn’t the word. More like “ABOUT FUCKING TIME.” LOL. So, I’ll play more. I am still working on finishing Mass Effect as well as Dark Souls. Busy, busy. I might actually work on Skyward Sword now. Yes. I like this idea. It’s the perfect way to end this awesome weekend. >_>

Later. ♥

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