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    "Everything feels like your fantasy, a night in your life. Close your eyes to find yourself in a mystic timeline."

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    Ayyy~ My name is Kerri. I am a 31-year-old dweeb who lives in Atlanta with my 32-year old dork husband Mark, our small lady Luna, and our blue tabby Link.

    When I’m not spending time with my cuties, I’m usually absorbed in one hobby or another. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, drawing, writing stories, playing video games, playing tabletop RPGs, reading regular novels and graphic novels, watching anime, cooking, decorating and organizing everything, learning new facts,  and finding new music, sci-fi, or fantasy creations to obsess over.

    Overall, I’m just livin’ and chillin’ and whatnot. I’m sending good vibrations to the world ’cause we sure as fuck need it right now (LOL)! Take care!


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    I pretty much insta-add/follow back everyone unless your screen name has some kind of slur in it or something. Don’t be that person. -_-

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☆彡 For some reason, I want that wig. I’ll just wear it while I watch TV or something. It looks warm. XD

☆彡 I must play Metroid Prime today because I miss Samus. Actually, right after dinner is done cooking and I finish the next episode of Battlestar Galactica, I am going to start playing. 🙂

☆彡 No, I am not interested in seeking out new friends. However, if I were to meet someone with a similar mentality who shared similar interests, I’d have no problem building a bond with him/her. I don’t have anything against forming relationships. It just has to be genuine. No complexities. Just mutual connection and loyalty.

☆彡 Wow, 2012. Wow.


☆彡 I might turn that journal I have into a stream of consciousness collection. I already have a notebook of some sort for just about everything else but abstract thoughts.

☆彡 There are a few active things that I can do all day: karate (shorin-ryu), bojutsu, walking, and yoga. Everything else is kind of “meh”. Or “bleh”. Or “sfasdkjfdeh”.

☆彡 Speaking of active things, Barre Fitness is no joke. I am still sore. I almost had a Black Swan moment because Mark was like: “Those moves look painful. You shouldn’t do so much,” and I was like: “I just want to be perfect.”

Then we stared at each other and died.

☆彡 Chrono Cross is the most beautiful game ever. It’s so hard to get past the menu screen with ‘Garden of the Gods’ playing and the underwater scene. ;_;

☆彡 I am still shocked that “Ballad of the Goddess” is “Zelda’s Lullaby” in reverse. The “Ballad of the Goddess” composition for Skyward Sword is just…breathtaking, but the actual reversal of “Zelda’s Lullaby” sounds like a dream sequence. I just love to listen to it. ^_^

I was a bit disappointed that Koji Kondo didn’t compose the music for Skyward Sword at first, but Mahito Yokota did a fine job. I am especially obsessed with the different variations of Fi’s Theme, both versions of The Fire Sanctuary, and Zelda’s vocal version of “Ballad of the Goddess”. I swear my heart imploded when she started singing in the game. So perfect! The Ancient Cistern’s theme is pretty peaceful. Not the basement level though. No thanks. D:

You know what I’m kind of noticing now? A LOT of levels in Skyward Sword were based on themes from the Indian culture. The Earth Temple had that vibe. So did the Ancient Cistern, especially with the various statues of the Buddha and lotus flowers. The Fire Sanctuary is a definite. Impa looks like many Indian women I’ve met in my life. Her facial features, her skin, her attire, everything. I really love it! Thank you everyone from the Skyward Sword team! YOU MADE SUCH AN AWESOME GAME. I CANNOT HANDLE IT.

Okay…I’m definitely fangirling now. Sorry. ;_;

☆彡 Link talks A LOT. He used to wake me up by walking all over me, but now he sits by the bedside (or couch side if I fall asleep out here) and he’ll just meow. And meow. And meow. Over and over. If I don’t respond, he’ll meow right in my ear. LOL. I’ve seen him do it to Mark, and it’s so sneaky. He looks around (I was hiding behind a wall when he was doing it), creeps closer to Mark’s face, sniffs his ears, and then meows repeatedly into his ears. He’s a cutie though. It’s kind of funny how much he loves humans, but dislikes other cats. He knows that we’ll give him anything he wants as long as he meows and rubs against us. XD

That’s it for now. Later. ♥

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