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So…Brynhildr is gone.

Brynhildr is my laptop. She’s been going strong for four years, but randomly decided to go into an infinite loop of boot screen and BSOD after the fan was cleaned out. Some type of “hardware error”. Man, oh, man. -.-

Still…I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would.

I mean, yeah, I always prefer a heads up from technology before it decides to break on me, but when does that ever happen? Maybe in some type of cyber-fantastic world, right?

The funny thing is that my TV is dying too. The colors keep jumping from really red to really green to really blue…which is never a good sign. I mean, we do have another TV, but it can only play games. It can’t pick up digital signals like the one we have now. So, basically, I have no XBox, no laptop, and I’ll soon have no TV.

It’s not such a bad thing though. Without my three vices, I will have no choice but to be more active, and focus on my projects. What else can I do, right? I might as well be productive. ^^;;

Either way, I’d like to say “so long” to Brynhildr. She is pretty much Mark’s project now. He’s going to open her up, and experiment on her. Maybe he’ll fix it. Maybe he won’t. I only know that there is no point in getting sad or angry about it. Why should I? That’s just life. Nothing lasts forever.

*sigh* Anyway, I’m going to go. Toonami is back, and I really want to check out this anime called Deadman Wonderland. It looks very interesting. I’m so glad that Toonami is back! Fuck yeah!

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