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What I’ve Been Up To:

  • Learning advanced Photoshop, Microsoft Dynamics, and the process of shipping bulk orders (at work). 
  • Catching up on The Legend of Korra.
  • Getting back into everything Drizzt related, including The Dark Elf Trilogy.
  • Working on stories.
  • Barely working on drawings…but getting there.
  • Reading Kentaro Miura’s Japan.
  • Reading the Battle Angel Alita omnibus.
  • Watching Korean horror movies…and regretting it every single time.
  • Apartment hunting and touring for September.
  • Final Fantasy X replay.
  • The Legend of Zelda marathons with Skyward Sword, A Link to the Past, Phantom Hourglass, and Wind Waker.
  • RPG fitness. Super hard, but I really want to lose weight and build muscle in order to go as Gokai Yellow for Halloween. >_<
  • Waiting impatiently for my magazine subscriptions to show up. (Guys…I live for letters, magazines, and packages in the mail. Every time something shows up, I feel like it’s my birthday. :B)
  • …Occasionally curling into a ball and bitching about not having a new 360 yet and how I still haven’t played Mass Effect 3 or The Witcher 2. Yep.
Well, I have a lot to do today…including squeezing in at least one nap. I promised myself I would this weekend, but I haven’t yet. That’s not acceptable. At all. Um, what else? That’s about it. I’m not doing any weekly challenges until July because I’m dedicating this last week to work and RPG fitness related accomplishments…which goes way beyond my usual 5-6 tasks…so that’s that. Take care everyone. Hopefully I will return with more interesting things, and less funky colors. XD

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