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Things I Am Entirely Unapologetic About:

  • Doing the right thing, even if it makes me a “buzzkill”.
  • Striving for constant improvement in myself and my life.
  • Enjoying my blessings.
  • My fandoms and hobbies.
  • Putting peace before pride.
  • Refusing to accept treatment that devalues me.
  • Realizing that “me” time is more important “he-she-them” time.
  • Listening to my intuition before I listen to peer pressure.
  • The very feminine and very masculine aspects of my personality.
  • Giving undivided attention to the people/things that matter.
  • The products of my hard work.
  • My beliefs and my morals.
  • Taking a stand when I know that someone is trying to harm me.
  • Being picky about the people I choose to invite into my personal life.
  • Laughing at my failures.
  • Showing humility and/or indifference in the face of praise.
  • Assisting others.
  • The things I like.
  • The things I dislike.
  • Being imperfect.

So, with that said, I am going to enjoy my weekend.

I didn’t say I’ll try. I didn’t say I might. I am going to enjoy my weekend.

Hell, I’ll go a step further and say that I am going to enjoy my life.

And if you don’t like that…well…you suck my metaphorical dick, I guess.

Either way, life is like the weekends–short. So make the best of it. That’s all I can really say for now. Gotta go watch Ghostbusters.


P.S. There needs to be a fanfiction about Asami Sato’s hair. It is that wonderful.

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