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★彡 What better way to start the three day weekend than to spend some quality time with the 360? I did break it in some during that 5-hour marathon, but I’m really going to take my time with it this weekend–sweet and tender time. This is usually where I do my signature creep smile, but luckily you don’t have to see that. Anyway, I’m going to start with a Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 marathon followed by Lost Odyssey and Skyward Sword. Maybe even Final Fantasy XIII since I am almost out of Oerba. I hope to finish all of these games before Sunday night. I’d like to spend Sunday with my nephews and then Monday…well, I don’t know about Monday. I guess I’d like to visit a few stores in the day time since I never get to do that on the weekdays. Yep, got it all planned.

★彡 …I can’t say I spend much time looking at myself on a daily basis. Even when I use the restroom, I barely glimpse at myself in the mirror. I just wash my hand and leave. So, it’s really no wonder that I don’t have that same sense of “necessary vanity”, as someone called it, that the average person has. Thinking more and more about my detachment from my own appearances motivated me to start making my own video log to go hand-in-hand with my caloric intake log, fitness log, and other health-related logs I have. My goal is to watch my video logs daily to keep an image of how I look in my mind at all times. If I am 100% happy with how I look then I will laugh at the entire idea of “feeling pretty” for good. But if I watch my video logs and I cringe or feel shame in any way, I am going to do something about it. It just seems like the only direction worth going. It’s one thing for others to dislike how I look. Fuck the people who dislike how I look. Right in the ear. But if I dislike how I look…that is not okay. I should always strive to like myself completely. I can’t just love who I am on the inside–which I do unconditionally. I also have to love myself on the outside…which even I cannot admit is not always so unconditional. I have many ‘Meh’ days. Often ‘Bleh’ days followed by ‘Ugh’ days. I’d like at least one ‘Yeh!” day. XD

★彡 Link’s new routine when I walk into the house is to wait by a certain shelf until I walk past, and then bite me right on the boob. If I turn around and try to squeeze past him, he’ll swipe at me or bite my butt. For that, Mark and I are officially dubbing him Hentai Cat. I also like to call him Catass Cat because he’s too rebellious to listen to me. Every time I yell “NO!” at him for doing something he’s not supposed to do, he meows really loud at me, and returns to doing it. Other times, I’ll yell “NO!” at him and he’ll step right on my lap if I’m sitting down, put his face really close to mind, and reply: “MEOW!” Damn Catass Cat. LOL. I must admit, though, I do spoil him. Whenever he gets scolded for misbehaving, he will press his ears to his head and lower his eyes sadly. And he’ll sit like this whilst periodically meowing beneath his breath until I feel bad and pick him up. And cradle him. And shower him with kisses. *sigh* I’m hopeless. I am under the spell of his cat magic. ;___;

★彡 I’m happy to see and hear Dragon*Con more and more each year. While I am saddened that I cannot go there to brush shoulders with other members of my fandoms, I am also happy to know that it is getting more exposure. More exposure means more guests, more events, and longevity. Maybe by the time I go (*crossing fingers for next year*) I will have even more people to meet and things to do than I would have if I went this year or the year before and so on. Mark did suggest that we reserve tickets and a room a year in advance so we have no excuse not to go, and he is on to something. Once the investment is made, there is little room for excuses. You have to go. LOL. So…we’ll see. I’ll keep an eye out. Worst case, I have to sell my tickets and room (I believe that is possible. I’m not entirely sure.), and just drag on for another year

★彡 I have this…impulsive need to plan my entire life, and then this equally impulsive need to ignore anyone who tells me how to run my life, even myself. LOL. In short, I am a lost cause. This is no news.

★彡 I hate to see the word “feminist” used in a negative light because it is such a positive cause. The biggest complaint I hear is: “A feminist once said this,” or a “feminist once did that,” but you can’t blame the cause because of a few overzealous or corrupt followers. There were civil rights followers who believed that the oppressing force deserved to be tortured and murdered, but that doesn’t mean the entire cause itself is a malicious one. It bothers me that a woman, of all things, can be called a feminist and feel shame because of it. Are you ashamed of being called a supporter of equal rights for women? Are you ashamed of being against women being paid less than men simply because they have a vagina? Are you ashamed of being righteously upset that anyone, man or woman, has the nerves to tell you that you are subhuman because you were born with a female? It’s time to stop associating feminists with stereotypes of being man-haters, and actually understand the meaning behind the term. Feminism is not the hatred of men, or the support of oppressing the male gender. It is not about the idea that women are better than men. It is about the dream that, some day, men and women alike will be judged for their actions rather than their gender. Why is that so terrible?

★彡 One of the toughest things to do as a writer is trying to project this character who did one very evil deed as a good guy despite his action. It would be easier if I introduced him as this person who is very good, and reveals later on that he did something bad. But the story begins with him committing a heinous act. I can see it taking time for anyone to trust him, or write him off as an upstanding person despite his various sacrifices. Bah, this is tough! >__<

★彡 The Taco Bell Cantina bowl is delicious, and I am going to do everything in my power to remake it. Actually…the Chipolte burrito bowl is even more delicious, and I should remake that first and then make the Cantina bowl. Yeah~ Good times. It shouldn’t be too rough. Get some rice, cilantro, lime, black beans, corn, red onions, chicken breasts, shredded lettuce, a little shredded cheese, a little sour cream, a little picante salsa, a little guacamole. Bam. Enjoy that shit.

Hmm…I don’t know what else to say. I really want to start on a bunch of things, so I’m going to head out.

Before I go, I’m going to post this song because it instantly takes me light years away from wherever I am.

And it’s pretty. Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone! ^_^

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