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Ten Major Lessons I’ve Learned This Year

1. Keep work at work, home at home, and online at…online.

2. The ultimate test of patience: origami.

3. Only give trust to those who earn it. Nothing valuable is ever handed out for free.

4. Crying is one way of vocalizing and displaying sorrow when words aren’t enough. Especially when no one listens, crying is a method of venting frustration…even if it’s to your pillow or hands or walls. If anything, falling apart and putting yourself back together with no interference is better than talking.

5. I don’t owe it to anyone but me to pursue a sound mind, body, and soul.

6. Buddha has become the guardian in my life who teaches me to find my way through words, nature, and even the arts. I don’t expect to be rewarded in the end because I follow his teachings. I only expect to completely understand suffering, and use my understandings to rid myself and others of it.

7. Sleep, laughter, and tea solve many problems.

8. Freedom is not something I am quick to give up. I’ll never like being told what to do and how to act. I’ll always need tons of room to mess up, learn, and improve. I am very self-sufficient. When I need help, I ask. Otherwise, I don’t want it.

9. The fantasy world and I are inseperable.

10. My childhood dream was to live at home, take care of my future family, and sell my drawings. It was a good dream. I wrote it off as silly for so long…but it’s worth pursuing.

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