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“Do you think this is a motherfucking game?”

★彡 Know that feels, cat. I fucking hate parties.

☆彡 Our Star: Trek Deep Space Nine marathon continues on to season three! I really dread it ending. Star Trek in general always has this storybook feel with all its fascinating characters, new worlds, and twists. It’s wonderful, but at the same time bittersweet. I know that, in Star Trek fashion, someone in the massive group of characters I adore will die. Moments like those make stories feel like a lifetime. You start off completely ignorant to this world before you become completely entwined in its plots and attached to its characters. By the time it’s all over, you’ve love and lost so much. It’s…a necessary risk. Even life can be seen as a necessary risk. The beauty of every story always counters its conflicts. That’s the rule of life and fandoms alike. …And why do I always drift off into random rambles? u_u

★彡 I’m scheduled to go on a week long business trip to Las Vegas in November 2013. Of course, my response to that is: “What the balls?” What is a person like me supposed to do in Las Vegas? I don’t gamble. I don’t drink. I don’t “get wild”. Yes, I am quite boring…and a goody two shoes save for the occasional vulgarity. I’m pretty much going to go there, assist with convention stuff, and then go to my room…staring at the city lights every night. *sigh* I don’t know…I guess I’ll just have to get out of my shell. A drink won’t hurt. Neither will a few slot machines and attractions. I’ll be fine. Furthermore, it’s a year from now. A lot can change in 365 days. I may get out of my shell completely…by some random force of nature…or I may not have to go at all. So, no use worrying. It’ll work out as it should.

☆彡 I watched the director’s cut of Amadeus for the first time. The new scenes provided plenty of background information. For example, I didn’t understand why Constanza disliked Salieri so much until I watched the deleted scene. Actually, most of the deleted scenes show just how ridiculously deranged Salieri is, and why his lifelong obsession-slash-envy of Mozart almost killed him so many years later. Endlessly fascinating movie. I can watch it 2-3 times a day if I feel up to it. The music is a definite bonus. Mozart = eargasm.   

★彡 So…been living on Merryberry‘s youtube channel. It is a good place to live.

☆彡 I would probably do some ridiculous things just to play ten minutes of Dark Souls right now. Fuck. I need a new 360. 😦

★彡 Majora’s Mask scared me more than a handful of horror games I played. I suppose it’s because you expect monsters and creepyshit from games like Silent Hill and Fatal Frame, but I wasn’t expecting Majora’s Mask to be so…dark. I guess ‘scared’ isn’t even the proper word to use. It is…haunting. Long after I turned the game off, I still had that gloom and desperation. I can’t think of a game that makes me dread failing an entire world every single hour that I play it. This is definitely not a bad review at all by the way. The game is a solid 10/10. Even after all of these years.

☆彡 If there is a musical box version of a song, I will cherish that shit and add it to my ongoing list of musical box songs. If I had to choose my favorite musical box song, I’d choose “Gabriel” from GITS: Innocence. That song is incredibly peaceful.

★彡 Telling me that I am “(positive trait) for a black girl” is not a compliment. In fact, I don’t accept any type of compliment that involves degrading another person or group of people in the process. If you cannot say something nice without adding something douchey next to it then don’t say anything at all. Go be an asshole somewhere else. I don’t need encouragement from a bigot.

☆彡 I wonder if other cat owners ever think about how weird it is to have a cat. It’s like having a little lion in your house. They pretty much do the same thing. In fact, I remember watching a documentary about lions with Mark, and we spent the whole documentary going: “Link does that! He always does this!” It is pretty interesting…and sometimes scary. When you think about it, the cat family might as well be the mafia. They’re just professional killers who are related to other professional killers and sometimes do work for other professional killers. When they’re not killing, they’re thinking about the things they own, the things they want to own, and killing. Even when they’re bored, they pretend to kill things to pass the time. Link just about destroyed every toy we gave to him just because he was bored. Yet, at the same time, cats are so cute. Lions are cute…although beautiful would be more appropriate for them. You ever saw someone petting a lion? He’ll do the same things cats do, and squint his eyes, purr, and rub his head all over the person’s hands. I know, I sound like a cat lady. I regret nothing. U^U

★彡 I change my layout a lot. Sorry xD. I get tired of things pretty fast. Nothing is ever perfect enough. That or it just gets boring really fast. It’s tough being a lazy perfectionist. One day, I’m passive towards flaws because I don’t feel like fixing them, and other times I am so obsessed with an error that I will relentlessly attempt to correct it. 

…Okay. Big week ahead of me. *crossing fingers* Gonna get started on that! >_<

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