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If you didn’t do this in Wind Waker, you played it wrong.

☆彡 Thanksgiving was great! We decided to do something non-traditional this year by having dinner at a Chinese food restaurant. I had the best shrimp with broccoli and egg drop soup of my life. Even the steamed rice was too delicious for words. We also had some traditional stuff later on in the day, so we were definitely stuffed by bedtime. All in all, great day! 😀

★彡I managed to get a Black Friday deal without ever leaving the house. My boss had too many TVs, and decided to sell one of them to me for $35.00. It’s a 30″ flat screen LCD TV. I still can’t believe it’s mine. I’ve been watching these widescreen movies all day, in high definition at that, and it’s like…putting on glasses for the first time. Everything looks so defined and crisp. The greatest thing is that my 360 decided to randomly work today. I played both Mass Effect 3 an Dark Souls as they’re meant to be played. It’s so…*falls to the floor dramatically* Anyway, I’m not getting my hopes too high with the 360. It likes to work and breakdown every couple of weeks. Regardless of whether or not it breaks, I’ll still have a blast with this TV. That’s a definite! Oh, I can’t wait to hug it after this entry~ ;w;

☆彡 The Wii U is fun. I especially love the feel of that game pad. I can’t wait to see more of what it can do. I probably won’t get one of my own anytime soon though. Firstly, it’s impossible this time of year unless I feel like paying a few hundred dollars extra to shameless scalpers. Secondly, with it’s current gaming lineup, there isn’t much to play on it. I mean…I enjoy ZombiU, and Nintendoland looks great, but that’s pretty much all that there is. It is better to just wait until (a)it’s cheaper, (b)it’s more readily available, and (c)there are more games to play on it.

★彡 I often forget that not everyone approaches life in systems and patterns. I really should stop forgetting.

☆彡 “Fool of a Took! Throw yourself in next time and rid us of your stupidity!” 10+ years later, I still cry of laughter.

★彡 I never really had my own room. I always had to share, or follow someone else’s rules within my room. I would love to have my own room in a future apartment or future home that I can do whatever I want with. I choose the theme. I choose the arrangement. I choose who goes in and out. Perhaps it’s unreasonably territorial…but it’s just something I would like.

☆彡 I finished the first season of American Horror Story in one weekend. It was as good as it was creepy.

★彡 I only get out of my warm bed for three reasons: money, food, and entertainment. Also, if I really have to pee. That too.

★彡 I enjoy holiday lights and decorations. I like snow (though the holidays are not necessary for snow…it’s just associated with it). I enjoy the days off. I like ginger-flavored snacks and peppermint. That’s…the extent of my like for the holidays. I’m pretty much a Grinch. Not entirely though. So long as I stay indoors as much as possible, I’m not too much of a Grinch.

☆彡 Writing stories and drawing comic books are always fun, but nothing compares to making an RPG. It is a massive project. You have to work on character designing, story development, character stats, menu options, battle directing, music theme assigning, and…a lot of things. Realistically, no one person handles every aspect of an RPG, but I’m very hands on. I’d prefer to create an entire RPG on my own. It’s more fun that way. This is why I struggle with the correct medium for Mythos. Every time I write in novel format, I think about how much better it would be as an RPG. When I work on it as an RPG, I realize I have to make a scenario where random battles and such are possible, and it’s not something I want to force. Perhaps I should assign a project to each medium so when I feel like writing or drawing or game designing, there will be a project there. Not a bad idea… *rubs chin*

Yep…I’m out of things to write about. 😐

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