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☆彡 I’m not watching Deep Space Nine right now because the awesome TV is in the bedroom with the Wii, and I can’t hear shit thanks to my neighbors who are either a den of lions or human hurricanes. You pick. So, I’ve migrated to the living room, playlists a-playing, and generously offering anyone out there a hefty reward to handle my neighbors. Don’t hurt them. Just handle them…so I won’t violate my lease, or worse, end up in prison.

★彡 I’m beginning to realize that my job is an INTJ’s wet dream: very organized, very quiet, very systematic, and very logic-oriented. Though socialization is not frowned down upon there, putting socialization before work or stirring up drama is. In fact, a veteran employee was recently let go because, from what my boss told me, she did a lot of smile-to-your-face-gossip-behind-your-back type things. I don’t know what to contribute when it comes to that. I barely knew her, and I honestly thought she was a nice lady, but hew-mons in general are deceptive. Nonetheless, it is nice to work in a place where both introversion and studiousness is rewarded. It’s only been three weeks, and I am receiving so many pleasant reviews from my bosses. I could cry…but my feelings are off right now. *shrug* Next month, Mark and I are invited to an all-expense paid hibachi dinner along with my other co-workers (and their peoples). I’m pretty excited. So is Mark. He’s still baffled that my bosses are willing to pay ridiculous money to feed him, and they don’t even know him. I’m still baffled by some of the gifts, trips, and other things they gave to us. I was hesitant about that Las Vegas trip next year, but I was told that I would get taken to live shows, top notch restaurants, and even given allowance. I could only say “Whoa,” in a very Joey Lawrence fashion. It’s crazy. I don’t know what I did to deserve this position, but thanks.

☆彡 My new theme song is “Interval of Time and Space”. At last, I am an RPG character. *victory pose in slow motion*

★彡 Five words I hate to hear: “Teach me how to draw” (Close runner up: “Can you draw my (family member)?”). The answer is a very enthusiastic NO. It’s not that I dislike partaking knowledge (or drawing people). It’s just that 9 out of 10 people who ask me to teach them to draw have zero passion for it. They just want something to use as bait when they fish for compliments or attention. Besides, why ask me? I’m as mediocre as they come. Go ask someone else.

☆彡 I’m sometimes disappointed by the insults I get. It’s like no one even tries anymore. Don’t you think that I know my surface flaws? It’s only been 25 years. I only live with them everyday. Yes, I know what I did in the past, but since you obviously lived those experiences and I didn’t, please feel free to refresh my memory. As for my personality…it’s not as tangible as my body or my past. Your opinion of “good” or “bad” is entirely subjective, and moreover irrelevant to me. Don’t tell me what I think or don’t think of myself, anyone and anything. You’re not my brain. Why would your level of interest in building a relationship with me matter? I have never even attempted to build an acquaintanceship with you. Does that not show you the extent of your importance to me, or should I write it out for you in crayons?*sigh* I’m out of ‘You Tried’ stickers, so you’ll have to do with an imaginary pat on the back for now.

★彡 Why am I not a Bajoran? Where are my nose ridges and signature chained earring dangling from one ear? Why is no one calling me by my last name first, and first name last? Why do the prophets not speak to me? *blows away in the wind*

☆彡 Takeshi Kobayashi’s “Proton” is my programming theme. I’m making a lot of IRL OST updates today.

★彡 I think I’m being groomed by a creepy old guy. I mean, he’s old enough to be in the “maybe too friendly” category, yet young enough to be in the “yep definitely a pedophile or something” category, so I don’t know. It kind of miffs me because the one benefit in being overweight besides a nifty armrest on my gut is a sharp drop in the percentage of random men who come after me. I failed to remember that when it comes to creepy men or old men or men with fat fetishes, or that one guy who is all of the above, I am not safe. Going to bathe in scorching hot water in a few.

☆彡 My hair is growing again, as someone unfortunately pointed out to me today. I don’t feel like cutting it or even asking someone else to cut it. I’ll just let it do what it wants. I won’t lie though. Lately, I’ve been wishing I had hair like Mokuba Kaiba. I wouldn’t mind having a lion’s mane. Aww yiss. BTW, If you don’t think having a lion’s mane would be cool then you’re probably a peasant tbh, and you’re not welcomed in my jungle. You can go be basic with the gazelles and shit on the barren lands. Oh yeah. Here is Mokuba:

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know where he’s from. Yu-Gi-Oh was a train wreck.

★彡 It’s always funny when someone groans aloud: “Ugh, someone please kill me!”, and someone else with no sense of sarcasm or off-color humor thinks he’s legit suicidal.

☆彡 “I shoot him then I shoot all you motherfuckers and then we take it! Your choice, bitches!
— My favorite line in The Hangover hands down. The way he said it and what he did while he said it oh my goodness I died.

★彡 Whenever someone acts dramatic or makes a big deal about something stupid, Mark and I have a habit of making the wanking motion–very similar to our playing the miniture violin. But we sometimes forget that it probably shouldn’t be done in certain places. Actually, outside of our apartment and our car, it ‘s probably a bad idea to make wanking motions. LOL

☆彡 If you hate Pogo’s remixes, don’t talk to me.

★彡 Randomly muttering “Don’t touch me, I’m famous,” when someone brushes against you.

☆彡 Randomly muttering “For party rocking'” after saying “Sorry” to someone”.

★彡 Am I the only one who refuses to watch “A.I.” again because it’s too depressing? Never again. Fuck that.

Suddenly, I feel less crabby. Thanks again, WP.

I’m going to go eat my breaded fish and enjoy my Netflix, even if I have to turn it up so loud that it blows the roof off my room.


That’s all I have to contribute today.

*le vanishes*

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