053: Human Behavior



☆彡 Christoph Waltz is an awesome actor. I also like his face. It’s really fascinating. I’m probably going to post more of it later.

★彡 By the way, I finally saw Django Unchained today. Holy smokes! I would do an ‘almost review’, but I’m feeling lazy. I didn’t even do one for The Hobbit, did I? Fuck. Anyway, Jamie Foxx was great. Kerry Washington is always great (Her face is likable too). Leonardo DiCaprio = great. That surprises no one. Samuel L. Jackson = obviously great too. I mentioned how great Christoph Waltz is. I didn’t mention that his character (Dr. King Schultz) motivated me to triple the size of my lexicon. That is worth telling for some reason. Anyay, wow. It’s just…go watch it.

☆彡 There is actually a proper term for the type of rock music I enjoy. It’s called “math rock”.


It seriously is though. Now I know how to branch out to other “math rock” songs. :u

★彡 In most cases, compliments are wonderful things and should be given to more people more often–assuming it is genuine and not sycophantic or self-serving in any way. I reiterate: in most cases. One should be very careful about complimenting a narcissist. It is almost equivalent to feeding a Gremlin after midnight. It’s just…not the type of monster you want to feel remotely responsible for. A rule of thumb that was given to me is this: “Don’t give a compliment to someone who constantly compliments themselves”. (Notice that I underlined ‘constantly’. Do not assume that someone who says something nice about themselves from time to time is automatically a narcissist. That is called confidence. Constant self-flattery is narcissism.) That is already a symptom of an inflated ego. You don’t want to contribute to that tragedy. Instead, give compliments to people who need and/or deserve it. We already determined that a narcissist doesn’t need any compliments. Another type of person who doesn’t need compliments are people who are simply uninterested/unaffected by them. *raises hand* Compliment-immune individuals build their confidence on their accomplishments or failures, so nothing said to them (whether positive or negative) changes their opinions of themselves. In other words, you’ll run into conversations like this: “No, you’re not a horrible human for failing a test.” “Yes, I am. No one understands. Go away.” (If I’ve ever done that to you, I apologize. I’m not fishing for compliments or your pity. I just genuinely feel crappy about myself for not doing the things I thought I could do, and I need to overcome that hump in my own fashion: with doom, gloom, and food) Of course, don’t give untrue compliments. It is pointless and often harmful. Otherwise, please compliment people more. There is no point in keeping your positive opinions of others to yourself, right?

★彡 It’s so strange playing video games with my nephews. Just a few years ago I had to stop them from crawling near my games so they wouldn’t try to eat them. Now we’re playing them together. Time has a funny way of making me feel…old. LOL. I’m actually surprised. My eldest nephew (Jonny) and I cleared a lot of missions in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3. He got Heero from level 2 to level 14 for me. Awesome!

☆彡 I discovered the ‘majestic Thorin’ tag and ‘dwarf racist party dad’ tag on tumblr. My stomach was killing me from laughing so hard.

★彡 We finished It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia…and, once more, there is a gaping hole in my life where a TV series used to be. *sigh* I could always move on to finishing Voyager, but that show has the same issue that many TV shows have: taking a while to get interesting. I guess it takes time to know all of the characters and fully grasp the type of lives that they lead–a very long time.

☆彡I’ve been getting an unusual amount of encouragement to enter art contests lately. I usually decline taking part in anything that involves tirelessly competing with others for the pointless prize of praise and popularity, but I’ll make an effort for money. While I don’t care much for money myself, I am not ignorant to the fact that money is the ticket to everything. Even my dream of living like a true hermit will take money. I will have to basically buy my way out of this life after all. So…sure. I’ll enter some contests so long as there is a cash prize at the end. I’d also prefer to stay anonymous to other contestants. I don’t need coattail riders on the off chance that I win something.

★彡 I’m debating about playing NieR again. On one hand, there is the guarantee that I will enjoy myself. On the other hand, there is the guarantee of tears. It’s a very big gamble. However, it’s the only game I can imagine getting a 100% completion on. I never get tired of it. I especially miss Kainé and Weiss having their bickering sessions. Always hilarious.

☆彡 It’s sad how many individuals slip through the cracks of leadership requirements with college degrees they barely obtained, blind luck, and/or knowing someone who knows someone. I mean…when your employee turnover rate is ridiculous, and your long-term employees are entirely disgruntled then there is something wrong with your management skills. Of course, the first thing bad leaders do is blame those under them. “You’re not this enough!” “You’re not that enough!” Then, as a leader, teach him/her to be this enough or that enough. Abandon the childish mentality that everyone can be brought to the same point with the same methods and the same timing and actually make an effort to understand the individuals that you hired in the first place. The quickest way to dig yourself into a leadership ditch is to chase the impossible hope of perfection. It’s never going to happen. That is why leadership is so stressful. I mean…nagging about stress as a manager is like nagging about sweat as an athlete. What the hell are you expecting? Then, upon realizing how much respect you lose as a leader for nagging about stress, you start to nag about your hormones or problems in your personal life. Newsflash: no one cares. You’re not a leader because people give a shit about your personal problems. You’re a leader because you have the power to run things efficiently, and you are trusted to do just that. If you can’t do that then give that power to someone with competence. Furthermore, if you are easily angered by others then you are just not a people person…which a leader has to be. I mean, I’m not a people person. At all. But if I am ever forced to manage a group of people for some unfortunate reason, I know the first place to start is understanding each person I am in charge of. I would need to speak with them one-by-one and one-on-one, regardless of how long it takes, and make them feel like they can grow with me and the company we work for. Otherwise, I shouldn’t be at all surprised if they all suddenly want to quit or if they clock-in every day with this “someone please kill me” look on their faces. If I don’t make an effort to make someone content then I shouldn’t be surprised that they are discontent. It’s that simple. Or as you like to repeatedly say, “use logic.” By the way, I am beginning to think that you don’t even understand what logic means. Logic is not knowing something that someone didn’t even teach you. You’re telling someone to build something with tools they do not have.  That is illogical thinking. The hilarious thing is that you get upset when someone doesn’t know something, yet you don’t want to teach them because teaching makes you upset too. How the fuck are they ever going to do anything then? Riddle me that. This is why I have zero respect for you as a leader. You have no business leading. You should just be an assistant to someone who has business leading. Which, I guess, you technically are.

★彡 I am not too bothered by the fact that January feels like one big hump. The start of every year always feels like one big hump. You have to recover from Christmas spending, deal with new year related updates, prepare for tax season, and other crap like that. It happens. Change, to me, is a hill rather than a skip through a field of flowers or something. It’s always difficult and redundant before that pleasant ride on the momentum of hard work. It is actually February and March that will determine a lot for me. So…let’s just see how that goes.

It’s basically Monday again. *sigh* FML ’til Friday evening.


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