Mythos: Dream


Seraphim → Ophanim (s. Ophan; commonly known as Thrones or a Throne)
Elves → Dryads (s. Dryad)
Arcadians → Fauna (both singular and plural)
Humans → Titans (s. Titan)
The Gods → Dragon-Gods (As it sounds. Gods who are dragons. They can shift to various shapes though)


I had a dream of Mythos last night which lead to all of these changes (How cool is that! *.*).

Basically, a baritone voice was narrating the different species in Mythos. Most were ridiculous or forgettable, but I remember clearly the four races I’ve been focused on for years. They all looked completely different. I’ll describe them below. Keep in mind that these new names weren’t given to me in my dream. I changed them based on the appearances I saw.

Ophanim: Formerly Seraphim, these creatures had two forms: a humanoid form with translucent skin (not entirely, but enough to see their veins) and then a form that looked like a wheel covered in wings (I can blame this on Bayonetta probably). They were still considered the holy race of Telluria and they’re the only ones allowed to sit on the throne still. That is why I decided to choose Ophanim. It is another term for Thrones–a type of angel in the hierarchy of Christian angels.

Dryads: Formerly Elves, they appeared in my dream as beings who resembled trees even in their humanoid form (Various shades of brown skin with green, red or yellow hair). There was a white tree in the center of their home (still Minthe) and Elda was a part of this tree. Meaning that dryads can merge with trees and just…separate themselves from it whenever they’re ready. In many ways, they are the trees in the forests and the trees are them. It’s hard to explain but it looked really cool. I don’t know how to draw it. ;_;

Faunas: Formerly Arcadians, not much changed about the Faunas. They are still human-animal hybrids, the most popular being birds, felines, and fishes. When they were mentioned, a cat girl was running along the edges of a river in attempts to catch a mermaid swimming downstream. An avian Fauna swooped down to grab the cat girl, but she managed to dodge him and disappear into the woods.

Titans: They’re just like humans…but huge. They have to live on their own continent because most of the world is too small for them, but a few Titans were walking around diverse places like Escion City and conversing with the other people.

Dragon-Gods: At some point in the dream, they mentioned that the Dragon-Gods got angry at some Titans and decided to wreck their homes. I’m not putting that in the story, unless it calls for it, but they were your typical dragons. One dragon-god followed a Titan ship until he was hovering over it, landed on it as an averaged-sized knight, and then grew to the size of a Titan to fight the Titans that ran at him. So, the gods are basically very good shapeshifters.

Once more, there were some others species in that random explanation dream, but they weren’t interesting to me. Actually, I’m pretty sure one was a Hobbit. LOL. Anyway, I would really like to work on these. The Ophanim will definitely be a challenge to work on, but it might be fun. It’s kind of weird to imagine Odin with an almost see-through face though.

Okay, I’m going to see how that goes.

It’s all brainstorm so, as always, it’s not final. It’s just a work in progress. 🙂

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