062: Hyperballad


☆彡 I found out today that Bjork and RZA are huge fans of one another, and even did some tracks together. I almost died.

★彡 Speaking of near death experiences, Hyrule Historia is almost here! I don’t even know how to handle its arrival. I’m just going to stand there and let myself spontaneously explode. Sounds like a plan. By the way, thanks to my wonderful husband for ordering the Hyrule Historia in the first place and making us New York strip steaks for dinner last night.  Thanks, my precious.  ♥w♥

☆彡 I was introduced to Hentai Kamen today. I can’t even contribute anything to that.

★彡 No Berkserk manga or Berserk movie updates yet. I am still not entirely sure how I should react to that…or the Berserk fanbase’s speculation that Miura may die before Berserk is ever done. Yeah…let’s not right now.

☆彡 I wonder if our recent brush with an asteroid will encourage people to put more focus on science. One can only hope.

★彡 It is my dream to write like Ayn Rand. Not in subject but in composition. Of course, it is always best to develop one’s own sense of literary “style”, so I should stop striving to write like other authors. I just have to find my own style. Still, no harm in using someone so talented as inspiration, right? I love Atlas Shrugged. It is one of those long books where I don’t have to worry about being dragged along for days. Every sentence is enjoyable to me.

☆彡 The “wildest” thing I have done in my life is play hooky…a lot. Even then, I spent most of my time in bookstores, walking around parks, or sight-seeing. I am really a boring person. I don’t know why so many believe that I go home and turn into some type of party animal.

★彡 It depresses me how many people see TV shows as a legitimate source of research. Documentaries and educational programs are one thing, but the news is usually biased and other TV shows are fictional. So, yeah…please don’t quote things like Seinfeld or Fox News in a debate. I will just gather my things and leave.

☆彡 This week has been watching-movies-that-I-saw-in-my-childhood-but-it-didn’t-make-sense-so-now-I-am-watching-them-as-an-adult-and-they-make-sense week. It is mighty fascinating.

★彡 I am happy to say that I am doing well with my pile of shame.  I even did progress in Bioshock and Tales of Vesperia…the two 360 games that I haven’t touched in almost two years. That makes me incredibly happy.

☆彡 By the way, Rita Mordio is seriously my spirit animal. If I was an RPG character, I would probably be her…mixed with some Kaine. Yes, that is definitely me. Wow.

★彡 Mark asked me how I would react if our future child wanted to pose nude or have sex for a movie/TV/magazine. Honestly, I would be disturbed by it, but all I can really do in the end is say: “I support you and I respect you, just don’t ask me to look at it.” The same mentality goes for anyone I know. Please allow me to have the illusion that you are always in clothes and you never have sex.

☆彡 If it’s my day off and I don’t stay up the night prior until the sun rises, I feel like I wasted my day off.

★彡 You know, calling me stuck up and fat didn’t change me the last 5,000 times you said it, why do you think saying those things 5,000 more times will do anything? I almost get a sadistic joy out of being myself and watching you get so wound up over it. I literally have to do nothing but wake up, and you get pissed at me. LOL. It’s amazing. It really is.

☆彡 “Should I watch Grave of the Firefl–” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” DO NOT. IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.

★彡 Final Fantasy Versus XIII is going to be great. I can just feel it. And if it’s not then…I don’t know…I’ll ram my head into a brick and curse Square-Enix for the rest of my life.

I am so incoherent right now but I’m hardly awake and I can’t sleep, so that’s my excuse. Yay~ *flies away*

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