Almost Review: Genesis of Aquarion


[I am not done with the series yet, so I’ll have to add things as I get further along.]

  • The animation is gorgeous in this show.
  • I really thought Nobuteru Yuki did the character designs for this show. I’m shocked. o_o 
  • Naturally, Yoko Kanno’s compositions are amazing. Who would think otherwise? No one…right? e_e
  • I am never grossed out by these sibling lusting for sibling scenarios in animes. /sarcasm
  • At this moment, I don’t like Silvia at all. Her hard-on for her brother is bad enough, but the whole bullying Reika because Sirius may or may not like her thing is just…no.
  • I don’t like Apollo too much either, but I believe he and Silvia will become more tolerable once they get over their irritating tendencies. I am praying to you, O God of Character Development.
  • Okay, whose idea was it to have the characters orgasm every time their Vectors merge and why? ( ¬ _ ¬ )
  • Sirius is so dramatic and fabulous with his roses and poetry.
  • Aquarion, vectors, and elements are really cool. The first thing that came to mind was: “I would love to RP this minus the moaning every time vectors merge”. I’m also a sucker for military academies. I blame Balamb Garden for that completely. Anyway, I know DEAVA isn’t necessarily an academy…more of an organization…but it still reminds me of an academy.

So far, I’ll give it a 6 out of 10. I’ll see how I feel when it’s all over.

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