070: Fire And Blood


☆彡  Can I talk about Dany for a second? I mean, wow. Dany grew up her entire life being told by her own blood that she was useless, nothing, and a mere object to be used. Take a second to imagine what that is like, and the level of self-esteem she must have had before Drogo taught her strength. I hate to admit this but I wept like a child the moment Dany exited the flames with Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal, and I have to fight back tears still every time she displays the strength she had buried for all of those years. I am still in awe sometimes that the same Dany who was too underconfident to even speak for herself is bringing oppressor after oppressor to their knees. I…ugh, I can’t even. I know she doesn’t always make the best decisions but she is a 16-17 year old. Of course, she can get arrogant sometimes but…she’s a teenager who became a queen and is the only person in the world who the dragons answer to (sometimes, but it’s still better than the zero times that they listen to everyone else). If that doesn’t make you even a tad more confident then I don’t know. You might not have a pulse. Ugh. I can’t even handle all of these feels I have for this character. I don’t know what will become of her and her dragons in the new book, but I hope she maintains that resilience that so many of her fans adore. I don’t even want to imagine her in harm’s way in the upcoming books, but…damn. I know how Mr. Martin is. He is an evil genius, but a genius nonetheless. Okay, I’m done fangirling about her.  ( ⊙﹏⊙ )

★彡 Speaking of A Song Of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones, I’m still snickering about the reactions to the Red Wedding. Some of the reactions aren’t even funny, they’re just sad. You’re going to threaten GRRM because you got depressed after the Red Wedding? Really? What a bunch of babies. You better quit the ASOIAF series right now because it is not going to get any cheerier.

☆彡 Our friends Ashley and Larry and my cousin Stephanie (who is another sister as far as I am concerned) came to visit this weekend. Spending time with them (as well as my sister, nephews, and future brother-in-law) was great. I’m especially happy to meet my cousin’s two month old son, Aiden. He’s so adorable~ There is nothing like a smiling or laughing baby. There is also nothing like spending time around good people after the week I’ve had. So, I’m grateful.

★彡 Got into my first hit-and-run. Yay! Long story short, I was making a left turn in a two-lane turning lane, and the car to my right decided: “Whoops! I’m in the wrong lane! Let me just swerve to the next one while turning!” If I hadn’t swerved closer to the median, I would have surely been rammed into. So, it’s not technically a hit-and-run since he didn’t have the opportunity to hit me, but he knew what he did and as soon as he realized he almost ran me off the road he sped off and started weaving through traffic to escape the scene. Luckily, though, no one was hurt…but Leviathan when he hit the median. Two hubcaps flew off, two rims were dented, and I believe two tires are in the process of flattening. So, I’m not a happy camper. The worst part is always the panic attack that occurs post-anything terrifying. I’m just glad I managed to get it together without having to be hauled off somewhere because I forgot how to breathe properly. Yeah…what can I do? People are dicks, shitty things happen because the world is full of dicks, and I just have to live with that.

☆彡 I’m so close to getting new glasses that it’s nerve-wrecking. It always feels like I’m getting a body part of mine replaced or something. I know it’s going to feel really unnatural for a while, but I’ll eventually become as attached to it as I was the last. These glasses have been through so much torments. It’s time to retire them.

★彡 Pet Peeve #100: When movies have a character from a certain country, and instead of finding an authentic name from that character’s place of origin, they choose to make some name that sounds like it came from that culture when it didn’t. For example: “We have a Japanese character. Let’s name her Lihakosan.” STOP. It takes ten seconds to google some authentic names or even do some type of reasonable modification of an authentic name. I know animes are guilty of this too. I’m sorry, Japan, but I’ve yet to meet a person named Allelujah Haptism and I probably never will.

☆彡 Bioshock Infinite is great. It is definitely the type of game I would not mind buying at some point. For now, though, I am renting it and playing it as much as possible.

★彡 “Inner Voice” by Hooverphonic makes me want to draw mermaids and mermen. I don’t know why…

☆彡 I tried to stop swearing but it is impossible.

★彡 Mark’s reaction to the Mass Effect ending is always hilarious. “I can’t believe it ended this way. Man, what the fuck? Ugh, I’m so mad about this.” *starts dancing to “M4 (Part II)”*

☆彡 Favorite gif tbh:


★彡 Every summer I want to cut my hair–and I usually do–and every winter I regret it. I’m going to not do that again this year. Even if it is stifling, I am just going to pin my hair in some bobby pins and quit mah bitchin. After all, how am I going to do this someday if I keep cutting my hair?


P.S. Aishwarya Rai is never not gorgeous.

☆彡 Every day I vow to work on my pile of shame, and everyday I look it, say “nope”, and watch TV shows online. Almost every game I abandoned is stuck on some kind of busy work mission and it sucks. I just want to move on to the storyline without getting stuck doing stupid “can you find this for me” missions. Find it yourself.

★彡 Walking has become one of my favorite things to do. Even if it is raining, I take out an umbrella or hooded jacket, and I go walking. It’s my 30-60 minutes of uninterrupted brainstorming and alone time. It’s nice.

☆彡 Before you ask me for some of my Pocky, you should know that the answer is no.

★彡 I saw The Purge with Mark, Ashley, and Larry. It was OK. I’m guessing the moral of the movie is to not be racist and that giving people the opportunity to kill one another for 12 hours is a terrible idea.

….I really don’t know what else to write. I have to start washing my hair and getting ready for those car repairs today. *sigh* Good fun.

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