Sunshine Blogger Award


I’m so late to this. Sorry! E3 has taken over my life…for better or worst.

Back on point. Thank you Turn Based Living/Connor Bros for nominating me! I don’t think I’m allowed nominate the person who nominated me, but if I could I would. ~_~

I’m sorry if I flop at this…as is a tendency of mine…but I’ll do my best regardless:

Here are the rules:
a) Use the award logo in a post and/or on your blog
b) Include a link back to whoever nominated you
c) Offer 10 pieces of random information about you
d) Nominate ten other bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
e) Let your nominees know about their much deserved award

(a) Done.

(b) I’ll post it again…because scrolling is hard work sometimes. I know that feels. Turn Based Living/Connor Bros

(c) I have 50! It’s all here.

(d) …And this is what I mean when I say I’m a flop. I don’t follow many people on here (since I basically live on Tumblr at his point), so I don’t have ten people to post.  I’ll post the ones I do follow though.

  1. At The Buzzer: If you like video game, you have to visit this blog. They have very good articles about video games and other interests relevant to most geeks. They also have weekly updates of their radio show where they discuss all of those interests mentioned earlier. Pretty cool!
  2. Tania Ann Marshall: I wish I discovered this blog the moment it was created. Women with any degree of autism/asperger’s are practically invisible in this society, so it’s a relief to find a blog that is both informative and insightful about this issue. I can’t recommend this blog enough.
  3. Let’s Game Talk: Another great blog about video games and other aspects of the geek culture. It’s always interesting to monitor someone else’s progress with their gaming t0-do lists, so I definitely read up on those updates too!
  4. Cosplay Reference Library: I don’t cosplay (maybe “yet”, maybe “never will”) but I still think this website is great. It is uber-helpful when I need to work on an OC’s profile. This is definitely a site for artists of all types who would like a detailed look at various anime and gaming characters. Unfortunately, this blog is currently inactive but I’m crossing my fingers for updates!
  5. Crissfit: Even though she’s currently inactive too, I still go here for motivation whenever I need it. Criss is amazing to me! She’s a fellow geek who knows what it’s like to struggle with weight loss. You can see her jaw-dropping progress here! Like CRL, I am crossing my fingers for future updates from her.

(e) Going to work on that as soon as possible.

…Hope this was done correctly. I’m sorry if it wasn’t. >_<

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  1. Haha not that late… Dust and I took like a week and a half to get ours up 😛

    • The Snark Knight

       /  June 15, 2013

      Honestly, I probably would have taken that long too if I wasn’t constantly logging in to freak out about E3. XD



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