Paradise Exists. And It Is Pink.

It looks like my birthday came a month early.

Meet my currently unnamed 3DS XL. It is gorgeous!

My beautiful picture

PH!Link is approximately 1-2 inches tall, so that can be used to put the size of the 3DS XL into perspective. It is definitely a beast.

My beautiful picture

I still haven’t figured out that timestamp thing on Mark’s camera (*tosses shit*), but no fear. I’m only using his camera because I can’t use the 3DS to take a picture of the 3DS because science. But from here on out I’ll be using the 3DS to take photos.

BTW: I owe Ashley 1,000,000 thank you’s for giving me Ocarina of Time at no price at all! I’ve been reliving the best part of my childhood in 3D, and I cannot put into words how amazing that is. Colossal thanks to Ashley for that! TT__TT


My beautiful picture

Look at Mark’s Mii mean-muggin.

My beautiful picture

I’ve been laughing at my Mii for a very long time. It’s not inaccurate at all. I just forgot that I always look faded. Anyway, the converting IRL photo into a Mii feature is awesome. Good, 3DS. Good.

My beautiful picture

And one last shot. Sorry for the horrible quality.

That’s it! Join me next time when I ignore everyone’s advice and I get Animal Crossing: New Leaf and I end up obsessed and then I kick myself for not listening to everyone who told me to stay away sorry guys. ;_;

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