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    Ayyy~ My name is Kerri. I am a 31-year-old dweeb who lives in Atlanta with my 32-year old dork husband Mark, our small lady Luna, and our blue tabby Link.

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073: Vespertine


☆彡 I forgot how creepy the forest temple was in Ocarina of Time.

★彡 To all of my non-black friends, relatives, acquaintances, and so on: If you ever say something racist about black people and you’re on the verge of getting your ass chewed out for it, do not use your relationship with me to get out of that. Because I am not going to defend you. Furthermore, the thought of our relationship–however close or distant–being used as some type of I-can-say-all-the-racist-shit-I-want access card is nauseating to me and I’ll definitely disown you for that. Yep…that’s it. That’s all I had to say about that.

☆彡 Kainé introduced me to the term “shithog”, and for that I will always treasure her.

★彡 For me, being fat is 50% okay and 50% not okay. It’s awesome to not be hit on and groped and dragged into one-sided fights anymore, but it’s not awesome having zero stamina and staring diabetes in the face. As for being fit, that’s 50% okay and 50% not okay too. I will be stronger and healthier and more confident when I’m fit, but I’ll also return to being harassed by perverted men and mean-spirited women. So…I don’t know. On some days weight loss is going from good to better, and other days it’s going from the frying pan to the freezer.

☆彡I’d just like to congratulate Guts on his face, and the fact that losing an eye and an arm and pigmentation in his hair and getting covered in scars and aging added about 500 points to his general attractiveness. *tosses confetti*




tumblr_moxwzqUN5I1sukuboo1_500 tumblr_moxwzqUN5I1sukuboo2_500 tumblr_moxwzqUN5I1sukuboo3_500



★彡 My Perfect Day: Wake up whenever I want to, eat breakfast while watching movie or TV, shower, play video games, have lunch while watching movie or TV, go back to video games, prep dinner, cook dinner, eat dinner while watching movie or TV, work on story, work on drawings, drink tea, read book until I fall asleep. Aw yes~

☆彡 The Atlas Shrugged movies are terrible, but I keep watching them. Come to think of it, watching terrible things whilst wondering why the entire time perfectly sums up my experience with Netflix.

★彡 Welcome To The NHK…I don’t think I’ve ever watched an anime that was so hilarious and so depressing at the same time. Still, I wish that I watched it years ago when it first came out. There are so many lessons to take from it. It actually gets a little uncomfortable seeing how much Welcome To The NHK echoes with my life sometimes. Oh, well. On to the next anime.

☆彡 When I think of the millions of things I can do, I realize that I am not even living 1% of my life. In a metaphor (Yes, I love my metaphors), life is a giant mansion and I’ve been living in the same room my entire life. How can I realistically judge the entire mansion from that tiny little room alone? Or, what I mean to say, how can I determine that life is absolutely pointless when I’ve barely even lived it.

★彡 I can’t imagine getting to a point in my life where an expired coupon makes me start screaming and throwing things at cashiers. Thankfully. I never want to see something like that and think: “Yeah, that’s reasonable. I could see myself doing that.”

☆彡 Even when Haley Joel Osment is 90 years old, he is the only voice actor I will accept as Sora.

★彡 Please explain to me the purpose of giving the silent treatment to someone who enjoys silence? I’m still trying to grasp that.

☆彡 Mark’s reaction to playing NiGHTS into Dreams for the first time: “Were you on drugs as a child?”

Yes, Mark. Yes.

★彡 Liking two characters that hate each other can get really overwhelming at times.

☆彡 What is this bullshit about Drag-on Dragoon 3 not coming to the US? Stop playing, Square-Enix.

★彡 Looking back on your past self and feeling shame isn’t pleasant, but it is definitely something to be grateful for. I mean…look at yourself 10 years ago and imagine being that person 10 years from now. Even more cringeworthy, isn’t it? Improvement is difficult, and it may bring embarrassment, but living a life where you never improve is a very, very, very, very unfortunate life.

☆彡 If I open up to you about something and you act like a judgmental prick, I will never open up to you again. I won’t even tell you what I had for lunch. That’s how much faith I lack in your ability to treat the information I give you with tolerance and understanding.

★彡 I hope when I learn a second language that its native speakers will be honest with me and tell me when I am saying something wrong. Or if it is just an outdated way of saying something. Anything constructive is good.

☆彡 The time I put aside to play video games consists of going through my pile of shame, recalling why I temporarily abandoned a game, and abandoning the game again. And this goes on and on until I just grab a random game. It’s also likely that after abandoning a game for a long time I will overcome a hump that frustrated me. It always happens.

★彡 The true challenge with sketchbooks is remembering to take my time, leave mistakes alone, and stop trying to tell a story. I still treat every drawing I make like some type of art project for school. I’m still not used to the idea of just….drawing a cup because I feel like it, you know? That is something I am teaching myself slowly but surely. Or re-teaching myself. There was a time when I could just draw a pokemon and be content. Nowadays, though, I am likely to spend the entire day trying to portray some type of story behind the pokemon I’m drawing and just become frustrated. In the end, it is always me against myself.

☆彡 Life without Toonami Aftermath is not a good life. I know this because life after Toonami was not a good life.


tumblr_mpb0a4hYsh1sq2xoeo3_500 tumblr_mnq6ca8dMI1qdtotno2_500 tumblr_mnq6ca8dMI1qdtotno1_500

…I can’t handle.

I have to go.

I’m going to tackle some video games. I’m also considering a Bulma layout but Daenerys. Yeah, let’s Daenerys.

Tonight is also curry night! Yessss~

And thunderstorms! Yessss~

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  1. I heard about Lightning in Cloud’s uniform~ What game is that for?? Only too cool~~

    I like that first pic of Link. And the Forest Temple is sooo creepy-cool!

    • The Snark Knight

       /  July 3, 2013

      It’s for Lightning Returns/FFXIII-3. It is cool! She’s supposed to have around 80 outfits in the game, so who knows what other outfits she may get. *crosses fingers for Squall’s outfit*

      Yeah, he’s so good with animals. ^^

      Especially the twisted hallways! It’s such a cool idea, but so creepy when you actually walk down it.

      • I admit that I’m a little worried the outfit will throw oil on the fire of people disparaging Lightning as a solid female protagonist because she’s ‘just a female Cloud’ (to me, she has a lot more personality than Cloud).

        But that aside, it’s neat, and I kind of wish I could just geek out over it without worry of culture backlash. =)


      • The Snark Knight

         /  July 5, 2013

        Unfortunately, that’s already happening. There are even people complaining that her version of Cloud’s outfit is “sexualized”. Seeing how the outfit is exactly like Cloud’s, I don’t see what they’re talking about. Unless, of course, they’re implying that her breasts automatically makes the outfit “sexual”…which is stupid as hell to me. What is she supposed to do? Chop them off? Idiots. *sigh*

        It helps to ignore that section of the Final Fantasy fandom. They’re never saying anything besides “No FF game is ever FFVII! Wah-wah-wah!”

        You should geek over it! I’ve been a huge fan of the FFXIII cast despite the criticism they face culturally and otherwise. Lightning, especially, is a positive female character in my eyes. I adore her. It’s great to meet other people who like her too. ^^


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