This was drawn on the 3DS (Colors! 3D). It’s not a bad app, but drawing with that stylus is taking some time getting used to. Anywho, she looks like she’s cosplaying Crimson Viper in this drawing. Just add some amber shades…aw yeah~


Used a red pen for this one. It’s always stressful drawing in pens, but I love how bold it turns out in the end.  Also, I’m slowly but surely mastering the art of blending my mistakes into the drawing and making it look like it was meant to be. Fufufufu~

Nabooru is so fun to draw. Gotta do more of that. One thing I love about the gerudos is that they wear vivid makeup colors that you don’t see on a daily basis, so I’d love to draw Nabooru with neon green, silver, turquoise, and so on.

In time….

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