No, you don’t get a hug and, no, I don’t care if your feelings are hurt.

You are the worst type of person. I don’t understand how people like you rationalize treating someone like shit until you want something from them. Literally two hours before you asked me for a hug, you acted like a total asshole towards me.  If you are entirely oblivious to the event then it either happened in a different dimension or you’re on crack. One or the other.

It’s complete bullshit that our entire relationship revolves around your moods. If you’re pissed off, I’m not allowed to be happy. If you’re happy, I’m not allowed to be pissed off. It’s fucking hilarious how unfair that is and how I convinced myself that I was a bad person for not linking my emotions with yours. I can’t even say “we’re not twins or something” because even twins know that having identical emotions to another person is a fucking mental expectation.

On a serious note, how about you fuck yourself instead? I heard that was a blast.

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