This Is An Animal Crossing Post: Part 2


The realest shit I ever heard/Word’s bond.


Changed up the house again. I cannot put into words how much I love this new layout. I always told myself that if I was given a room and told that I could decorate it any way I want, I’d do something very similar to this. Stars are wonderful. So are harpsichords…but I can’t afford that shit. So, I’ll just have to rock out on it in ACNL.


By the way, I have two Link outfits. Lucky me! I gave one to Mark and he was pretty happy. Oh, yeah. Mark is a villager in my town now. He’s close to getting kicked out though…because I gave him strict orders not to buy out the stores when they restock and he keeps doing it. LOL. The things I do for love. *pushes a random kid out of a window* (I couldn’t help making that reference…Sorry…)


That hairstyle. :B


Don’t laugh at my stupid poster, okay? It made me really happy post-burrito traumatization event. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then I advise you to skip that entry. Very TMI.


I also drew Batman. Because of reasons.


Thinking about stars and planets and stuff.


Quasi-funny story. Feel free to skip. The moment I learned that Midna’s crown-mask-thing was in ACNL, I’ve been talking about it nonstop. So when I opened my fortune cookie and it mentioned the word “twilight”, I literally started screaming all the way to Nookling Junction (Mark was very terrified XD). Sure enough, I traded in the fortune and got a Midna mask. I’m so happy~ I’m probably going to custom make the rest of Midna’s body as an outfit later on. For those of you who don’t know Midna, WHY.

And also this picture as reference.



…In his defense, he asked me to give him a new catchphrase and I was watching The Boondocks, so...

But Mark reminded me that, according to Dave Chappelle, Mr. Ed was racist and a horse named Ed running around calling everyone “nikkuh” probably makes him look incredibly racist. TL;DR: Don’t come to my town. You will instantly regret it.

Which reminds me…I haven’t posted my friend code yet, have I? I’ll add all my video game related crap to my sidebar. Feel free to add me on where ever and make fun of my shitty progress in every game I touch.


I have to admit. There is something magical about ACNL. No matter how crappy things are, I feel better the moment I turn the game on. Nintendo is amazing at that. TY, Nintendo! ;___;


OH YEAH. If you have ACNL and you need resources, go to tumblr. I swear I have like 10 tumblr blogs just for fashion-related resources alone. It is very, very, very cool and I cannot wait until Sable gives me access to QR codes. I have a feeling she will soon since she’s finally talking to me. She’s such a tsundere. It’s so adorable. 😮

Alright, that’s it! I’ll post any awesome ACNL-related websites as well as my progress as mayor.

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