This Is An Animal Crossing Post: Part 4


“This is some bullshit. Sending was not in the job description.”




Cannot see the two-dimensional haters.


I had to take this picture of Peach’s parasol because…what the hell is that thing going to accomplish on a rainy day? Look at the size of my head. Are you kidding me?


The Kapp’n knows I’m talking about. TV on = Get out of my face.


I finally got a second floor to my house. Look at this tiny ass room though. #struggle


*takes note*


Same. Even if I don’t see you for an entire century, I’ll still fight a tiger for you ‘CAUSE THAT’S WHAT BRUHS DO.


Gold stag! Aw, yiss. Time to get paaaaid~

BTW: Catching beetles is the way to go if you want some bells. With fishing, I could probably make about 100,000  bells in one sitting. Beetles? About 400,000. I suck at fishing but I’m a natural at sneaking up quietly on things. Perhaps the assassin life is for me after all. *contemplates*


Cannot see or smell the haters.

Whoa. Is that Daenerys on my TV? It looks like she’s pointing at a random city she wants to conquer. Get it, gurl.


Well, my people are nagging me about more project developments, but I can’t do shit until Blathers adds another story to the museum. So, I have to keep giving him all of my valuable catches instead of making them pay-puhs. I have $500,000 in my savings now though. That should be enough, I guess. Yeah, I’ll just give him whatever he wants.

Club LOL officially launched today. I’m pretty excited! I would rather die than go to a club IRL, but this is ACNL and it’s actually pleasant to socialize in this game…as opposed to reality, of course, and other games (just thinking about socializing in Persona makes me want to backflip into a volcano).

Yep…that’s it. Later.

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