This Is A Colors! 3D Post: Part 1

In the same fashion as my ACNL posts, I will begin posting my drawings from Colors! 3D from time to time with photos + comments.

Since I consider my deviantart page as my digital gallery, I really don’t want to upload my little 3Ds doodles there. Mind you, I am only posting my Colors!3D doodles in here–not pencil and paper doodles. Ever since I watched a video in the app of someone drawing the most beautiful picture I have ever seen in my life with nothing but the Colors! 3D app, I told myself that I can do great things with it if I practice.

So, consider this practice.

It will be mostly Mythos related art since I’m about 100 pages into the story and really obsessed with it. Yes, I am obsessed with my own story. It’s sad. I know. But it does produce art…so it’s a win-win. LOL. Anyway, just two for today. I will add more later.


I love drawing Elda so much. Probably because I combined a lot of my favorite heroines–both physically and emotionally–into this one character. So, it’s only natural. *pets creepily* Anyway, first picture of my ongoing practicing mission.


Yo. I’m getting tired of people telling me that Odin has a long nose like it’s not okay. HIS NOSE IS SUPPOSED TO BE LONG. >:U

That’s it for today. I really have to find a way to upload the drawing recordings online. The app actually records every stroke I made and makes a video out of it. It’s really neat! Once I figure that out, I’ll add videos as well.

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