This Is An Animal Crossing Post: Part 5

More like “This Is An Animal Crossing Blog” amirite.


K.K. Slider  dropping the sickest beats in…where is this village located anyway? I am assuming it’s somewhere on Earth since a pelican who visited Mexico came to my village.  Anyway, get it!


The villagers agrees. The psycho armor-clad teddy bear look is awesome.


NEW HAIR! *item get* Shampoodle finally opened and I got myself a white bun. Aw~ the cutest princess mayor~ I think I’m going to give her violet eyes once the option becomes available and pretend that she’s Dany. ;w;


“The fuck is this?”


“The fuck is that?”


Dreaming about dragons and stuff.

Actually, I do dream about dragons a lot…but I also think about dragons a lot…so it makes sense.


Last but not least…




I know it’s beautiful, Timmy, but I’d really appreciate some personal space.

Join me next time when I sack a neighboring village. Later~

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