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Kerri & Princess AJ Lee


Yes, I have been a little fangirl-y about WWE recently.

Sorry! I am catching up on the recent seasons, and I am extremely ecstatic about that. Keep in mind that I have been a part of the WWF/WWE fandom for about 18 years. So, this goes beyond entertainment. It is literally like running into someone great who you haven’t seen in a long time.

That’s my explanation…and sorry again. 😛

Anyway, can I say something about AJ Lee?

Even though I’m over the whole AJ being a love-obsessed heel thing, I love that she is being compared to Harley Quinn so frequently in the WWE fandom. Layla being compared to Poison Ivy is a plus too. This is only made better by the fact that AJ is a geek IRL. How neat would it be if they actually incorporated her love for comic books into her character? Yeah…that would be awesome. There hasn’t been a geek diva as far as I know.

Either way, good or evil, AJ Lee filled the void Melina and Maryse left behind when they exited WWE.  I did not forget about Alicia Fox. She is a princess also. I’m glad she’s still there. So many good divas have signed on since I left!

I’m still trying to catch up on the standard wrestlers though. What is even Fandango? -_-

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