TIAACP: Part 7

I don’t deserve this game.

Very minor but dear-to-me updates.


I’m channeling my inner Melvin/Umino.


*in a nasal voice* “But Serena!”


It’s supposed to be pigtails but…eh…I’m going to switch back to my bun tomorrow. I like the bun hairstyle a lot. As for the hair color, I doubt I will ever change it. I might try black one day, but that’s probably it.


 Oh yeah. Check out the new carpet!  My living room is definitely a library now.  I should get the rainbow screen and turn my avi into LeVar Burton so I can do a “Reading Rainbow” setup. Yoooo…let’s do that!


Wondering why I don’t have a pipe right now.


This wallpaper was so cute that I made it into my carpet too. Bless tumblr for its endless supply of amazing QR codes. I am already removing and re-doing the path in my town because I found something better. It is actually for the best. The tiles take up too much room in my inventory, so I made another villager to be in charge of holding them. Now I just have to wait for Sable to give him permission to read QR codes. By the way, his name is Serge. I can’t have Arni Village without Serge, right?


The aquarium is my favorite part about this village.  I could just live here.



Oh yeah! I got a second floor in the museum. Finally. Now I just have to build a coffee shop, finish some more projects, do some major landscaping, and then my village will be legit. *changes town anthem to “Money, Power, Respect”*


Can I help you with something?


Um, wow. Excuse me.

*in nasal voice* That Napoleon fish better watch himself.

Okay, that’s it. Some villagers are moving out of my town and I’m not stopping them this time. I am getting bored with everyone besides Isabelle (of course), Kabuki, Cally, Pudge, and Goose. So, it’s time for new neighbors. Until then I am going to take advantage of the silver rod I got and start catching me some fishes. My goal for this month is to have one million bells in my savings account. And I want it to stay there in order to build some crazy interest. Hopefully, I can get to the billion mark at some point in my ACNL life. We will see.

Join me next time when Toriko eats that Napoleon fish.

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