TIAACP: Part 8

New hairstyle!


She looks like Casca in Link’s clothes. Amazing.



If you allow Cyrus to combine one of K.K. Slider’s CDs with a giant clam, you get this beautiful seashell music box. I have the music box version of K.K. Synth and it is so lovely. Music boxes are the best. ;_;


I could probably start my own orchestra with the amount of instruments I have. I can’t even say what theme I am going for here.
Mozart’s house???


Cutie pie~ I love the avatars in this game. They’re all so adorable.




I can’t wait to expand the hell out of this arcade-basement. Right now, though, I have to go through all of these requests for public projects. You’d think they would pay me as mayor but…nope.

Join me next time when I am still poor.

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