[ Same. ]

I’ve been selected for jury duty.

O fragile remains of my faith in humanity, prepare to be shattered.

Well, it will definitely be a new experience. I am hoping that it is something small, like a business dispute, and not something horrible. Mark told me that someone he knew had to sit in for a trial where a little girl was raped. That is the type of thing I am hoping to avoid. Despite how often I am compared to an android IRL, I am very emotional about two things: children and pets. So…that is why I am not exactly leaping for joy about this “highest duty of citizenship”, as the letter put it.

Oh well. No use whining, right?

It’s not until the end of September, so I’ll have a lot of time to prepare mentally.

And I guess I could prepare physically by watching Judge Judy and playing Phoenix Wright or something. IDK. LOL. Sorry, just employing my typical laugh-at-anything-uncomfortable-or-unpleasant technique. I’ll add any (non-confidential) updates as they come.

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