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    Ayyy~ My name is Kerri. I am a 31-year-old dweeb who lives in Atlanta with my 32-year old dork husband Mark, our small lady Luna, and our blue tabby Link.

    When I’m not spending time with my cuties, I’m usually absorbed in one hobby or another. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, drawing, writing stories, playing video games, playing tabletop RPGs, reading regular novels and graphic novels, watching anime, cooking, decorating and organizing everything, learning new facts,  and finding new music, sci-fi, or fantasy creations to obsess over.

    Overall, I’m just livin’ and chillin’ and whatnot. I’m sending good vibrations to the world ’cause we sure as fuck need it right now (LOL)! Take care!


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Kerri & Doing Stuff. Thangs.

This hardly qualifies as an ACNL post since I only have like two pictures, so I’m just going to add it with some other pictures. Let’s see here…


Kato and Isabelle getting excited about nothing.  XD

Speaking of nothing things to be excited about, T.I.Y. is undergoing construction as I type this. I’m not sure how long it will take, but it is going to be awesome~ Of course, T & T Emporium would be even more awesome~


Upgraded the room. This is more like my IRL room…minus all the pink and the couch.

[ Non-ACNL crap below ]


I spoke about the ASOIAF boxset recently, but I forgot to take pictures of it.



Khaleesi is so flawless. ILU ❤


*Insert joke about Winter coming…and then snicker because I said coming.*

Shitty camera is shitty. I know.

Yep… Okay, on to the last few things:


In the end, I decided to get Oracle of Seasons. I found the idea of seasons constantly changing more interesting than time constantly changing, although that does not mean that time constantly changing isn’t interesting. I will definitely grab Oracle of Ages when the time is right (no pun intended). They’re supposed to be played together anyway.

With my remaining funds, I bought organizer and notebook apps. They help a lot, especially with tracking day-to-day things like my caloric intake or general mood. It also helps with the paper issues in this apartment. I…have too much paper. LOL. And having an energetic cat that loves swanton bombing into my paper piles doesn’t help either.

Right now my 3DS is useful for the following things: playing games, drawing pictures, tracking daily caloric intake, chronicling daily moods, tracking footsteps (the more I walk, the more things I can buy in certain 3DS games. That’s a neat incentive!), playing Netflix, taking pictures, browsing the internet, and a few other things. I’d say it is definitely worth it. *_*

BTW: I’ve settled on the name Utena. So, this laptop is Hades, our XBox is Onyx, our Wii is Pearl, and my 3DS is Utena. Mark’s DS is Crimson. Our TV is just called “Man, I can’t believe we got that TV for $35”. LOL.  Yeah…we should really stop naming every inanimate object we bring into this place. It’s a little out of control right now.

Alright. That’s it for now. I’m going to catch up on some animes ( Current Queue: Toriko, Blood Lad, Danganronpa, Attack on Titan, Watamote, Steins;Gate; Aria the Natural, Dominion Tank Police, Spice and Wolf, Blood C, Mushi-Shi, Pretear, .hack//Quantum, The Prince of Tennis,  Pandora Hearts, Honey & Clover, The World Only God Knows, Air Gear, Baccano, The Rose of Versailles, Guin Saga, Pretty Cure, Fruits Basket, Tatami Galaxy, Sunday Without God, Knight Hunters, Basilisk, and Devil Survivor 2. *sigh* One day at time, right?) and then finish up The Witcher 2. I got a crapload of quests. That means I’m going to be strong and rich as hale by the time I leave this camp.

Also, I got Geralt a new haircut.


Of course, the kayran armor I am wearing now has a hood…so I can’t really see it. That would happen.  This is the kayran armor BTW:


Geralt is the coolest. I wish I could hire him IRL so he could just sit there and talk about his adventures while I marvel at his  existence.

….Why am  I so creepy? :___;

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