Beautiful Muscular Princess <3


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I love Sakura so much~! ♥

(Highlight below for spoilers)

It’s been about a month since I finished the LP of Dangan Ronpa, and I am still a bit depressed about Sakura’s death. I am glad that she went out on her own terms–and honorable terms at that. No one there is worthy of putting an end to her life. She was just an all-around great anime character. She deserved to leave that school with Asahina. ;___;

Well, at least Asahina survived. And Kirigiri. They are also beautiful princesses, and the world will be better with them around.

I’m sad that Fujisaka and Ishimaru are gone too. They were beautiful princes.

Bah…this series makes me so happy yet so sad at the same time.  Great cast with some horrible fates. ;____;


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