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Five Things I Loved About The Witcher 2


Geralt and Triss being perfect as usual.

Alas, I completed the game!

Well, Roche’s path is completed, but I still have to replay for Iorveth’s.  D:

Nonetheless, I am going to list five non-spoiler things that I really love about The Witcher 2. I hope it’s enough to convince others to play. It is such a good series! The third installment is right around the corner, so definitely get into 1 and 2 as quickly as possible if you’re interested.


  1. Geralt Is A Great (Anti-)Hero: The thing I love most about him is that despite his unmatched skill in combat, he picks his fights very carefully. Throughout the series (books and games alike), he has been insulted, blatantly disrespected, pushed, threatened, and forced to endure the ignorance of witcher-phobic individuals, yet he still strives to avoid as much trouble as possible. Even if it means a little bruise here and there to his ego. Throw in the fact that he is an all-around badass, and Geralt is definitely one of my top protagonists ever. I can’t wait to see more of him in The Witcher 3. (I am still crying about his beard. So majestic~)
  2. Character Development: The fact that I can choose to be a better fighter, mage, alchemist, or a balance of the three really makes all the grinding and quest-taking worthwhile. EXP, like currency and resources, must be spent very wisely in this game. As far as I know, it is not possible to max out every branch of the skill tree. I really had to decide early on if I wanted to kick ass at fighting, magic, or alchemy. I tend to gravitate towards tanks in RPGs, so I did toughen Geralt up really good in my first playthrough. I plan to become a mage in Iorveth’s path. Or an alchemist. Ah, choices!
  3. Many Paths = Many Replays: There is no right or wrong way to play The Witcher 2. That opens many doors in terms of replays. There is not only the major path division of choosing Roche or Iorveth, but there are also little paths in between that can alter the fate of the entire world. So it’s safe to say that making major decisions do not come easy. I’m not even kidding when I say I have about ten save files in the Roche path alone. That’s how apprehensive I was about making major choices. D:
  4. Likable Characters: Even the villains were likable in this game. The characters, like the choices, are never as black and white as they appear. This really adds a lot of depth to both the story and the cast. Without revealing too much, I will say that you should not get comfortable with the idea of trusting everyone who is nice to you. Conversely, you should not jump at the opportunity to punish everyone who is mean to you. A choice based on personal feelings can make things really miserable for everyone in the end. It’s a tad stressful if you’re as cautious as I am, but it is the type of thing that Geralt has to deal with throughout all of his stories. Poor guy.
  5. Entertaining Distractions: Whether you like gratuitous violence, sex, or gambling, you’ll get plenty of all three without even progressing plot-wise. The Witcher 2 has fight clubs, prostitutes, and poker games to pass the time. Improving at fight clubs and poker dice games can help you in terms of completing quests and unlocking achievements, but I haven’t figured out any real purpose for buying prostitutes…outside of awing at how graphic it can get.  Seriously, there is no kiss and then fade to them under sheets like they do in movies. It’s basically a ten-second porn. LOL. Anyway, there are several fun vices at your disposal if you want to take a break from crooked politicians and monster slaying.

I would also like to mention that the graphics are beautiful. The NPCs have the same repetitive faces–something just about all RPGs do–but the costumes, armor, monsters, and environments were flawless to me. I also have a soft spot for RPGs that change the appearance of the protagonist whenever (s)he changes armor. There is nothing like that sinking feeling I get when I play an RPG, read the description of a new armor I bought, and force myself to ignore the fact that I will never know what it actually looks like. This is rarely a problem with WRPGs, but JRPGs are criminal in the wearing-the-same-armor-for-the-whole-damn-game department. -_-

Ah, well. Flawless The Witcher 2 is flawless~

This is a great series. Seriously. I am so eager to read more books or play more games–something! It’s so painful. *weeps*

Yep…that is a definite recommendation from me. Please enjoy!

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