Skyrim: Civvies + New Armor

Sorry for the crappy quality. My only camera is my 3DS camera, so…it will have to do.

Well, this is my Skyrim character (Zelda) in her civilian gear. I like to change her into clothes whenever I enter a city. It’s just a random ritual, I guess. I also found a really badass suit of armor for her, so I’m posting that too.

I only have 50-60 hours of gameplay, so I am nowhere near done. Not complaining at all. I love games with millions of things that I can do.


I prefer to keep her weapons on her…since the most random things happen in this game. And I’m not even talking about dragons. I walked into a marketplace in Markarth and saw this lady getting shanked. I’m not about to walk about unarmed after that.


She reminds me so much of Fang. If only I could make her half as awesome as Fang. ;_;


Getting that tree to blossom was such a pain, but it was worth it. Plus the people of Whiterun are still happy about it. So, it’s definitely worth it.


I wish I had one of those nifty devices that take screenshots of games. This would look so much better as a screenshot. Bah.


And the mandatory full-body shot.


I am getting so attached to this armor. I really shouldn’t since I am likely to come across stronger armor in the future, but…dammit it is so beautiful.

I’m planning to move from Whiterun to Solitude once I knock out some of these quests, so I’ll probably post some photos of my home in Solitude if and when I get it. Mark told me it is more of a manor than a house though. Awesome! Now Lucia (adopted daughter) and Lydia (follower) will have more room. Oh, and Lucia’s fox. She…somehow brought a fox into our house and asked me if she could keep it. I probably should have said no, but the fox was pretty cute. LOL

BTW, after reading the perks of being married in Skyrim, I might end up marrying soon. More than likely, it will be to Vilkas…or Farkas. I haven’t decided yet. Since Vilkas is supposed to be the more intelligent twin, I am leaning more towards him. Then again, Farkas is pretty adorable. He’s also kind. Okay, I’ll just have to put that off until the time comes. What matters is that I get married at some point. It would be foolish to pass up on having a follower and chef and second income and the lover’s comfort boost whenever I sleep at home.

I’ll get around to that (and take photos) whenever I can.

That’s about it. >_<

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