Kerri & The Longest Two Days Ever


After ~48 hours of contemplating ways to break every bone in my body, I am finally done with jury duty. I am also finally allowed to talk about it…though I am too exhausted to get into the details. So, I’ll skim it.

Day one was selection day. So, I basically had to sit around for six hours with hundreds of other unlucky citizens only to learn in the seventh hour that I, and 11 others, were selected from a batch of 20-something potential jurors to actually sit on the jury. You would think the people who were rejected would have the long faces, but it was the complete opposite. Those who weren’t selected skipped away merrily while those selected pretty much left on the verge of tears. It was torture. Seven hours of long, boring torture followed by a promise of more torture the next day.

Day two, I had the “honor” of sitting through a trial. The defendant basically got wasted with some friends, they started fighting, and the cops were called. Rather than face them, they all decided to run. Or at least that’s according to the state. The defendant said that he was running from the friend he was fighting with. Long story short, while running from someone he got into a fist fight with a cop…and missed…and ran again. When he got caught, he decided to comply and yadda yadda.

All of this took 4-5 hours. After lunch, we listened to closing statements and sat through 2-3 hours of debating whether the defendant deserved a felony charge or a misdemeanor. Everyone agreed he was guilty though. It felt a lot like getting stuck in a group in school.  Actually, it was exactly like that. I already knew the answers, but I still had to wait for everyone else to take hours to come to that point. I digress. It took so long because nine jurors tried to explain to two other jurors that obstructing an officer is a felony the moment you even attempt to assault an officer. It doesn’t matter if you’re drunk or if you thought it was someone else (which the defendant did).

In the end, he did get a felony charge for it.

I didn’t bother to stay for the sentencing because taking any part in a negative life-changing decision is shitty enough. I didn’t have the heart to stay there and watch this guy continuing to cry his eyes out while a judge gave him more bad news. It just sucked. This kid should have just been chewed out for what he did, but there is no chewing out when it comes to being uncooperative with the police. The super lucky ones will get written off as a dumb kid and told to go home, but the unlucky ones like this guy will have this follow him for the rest of his life. It just…sucks. A lot. It really sucks.

Anyway, I’m so fucking done with jury duty. Hopefully until the end of my days.

I just…I never want to see another courtroom again.

That’s it. I need to get out of this mode I’m in before I end up depressed. A healthy rotation of sleep, Skyrim, and Hulu should do the trick.

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