Kerri & Dragon Age


Alistair realizing that the only reason he hates Morrigan is because she is a flawless queen and he cannot handle her being more majestic than him. As always, Morrigan gives exactly zero fucks about how Alistair feels. 

The Dragon Age series has taken over my life. Aw ye~

I got both games for $12-13 at Gamestop, and it’s the best $12-13 I ever spent in my life. I love this series so much. Great gameplay, great plot, and don’t even get me started on the characters. AWESOME CHARACTERS. BTW, I refuse to interact with anyone who hates Morrigan and/or Alistair. Seriously, don’t even look at me. As for everyone else, I like ’em too. Sten and Leliana are definitely up there.

Okay, that’s it.

 Mark and I are playing DA:O at the same time (DON’T MARRY A GAMER), so I have to wait for him to finish his playing so I can get back to my playing.  Because I am a Grey Warden, I must learn to endure. *deep breath*

That’s all I have to contribute…stupid rambling.

Oh, and Happy Halloween in advance! ( * w * )

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