Kerri & Loot

Not Bad

Things I Got That I Don’t Deserve:

  • Clover manga (I still have too many feelings about Clover)
  • Magic Knight Rayearth omnibus manga (CLAMP IS RUINING MY LIFE)
  • Pretty jacket (I’m too fat for it so my mother-in-law has to exchange it. LOL)
  • Big-ass basket of like 10 flavors of popcorn (Unfortunately, I dislike sweet popcorn, so that leaves me like two flavors)
  • Gift cards (YAASSS)
  • Candles (That set my scented candles obsession into overdrive)
  • Clothes (Much needed)
  • Towels (Much, much needed)
  • Money (Much, much, much needed)
  • And some other cool stuff (Danke)
  • Also, while I got Dishonored for Mark, I’m still going to be playing that shit like it’s mine. (#shameless)

BTW: ALBW is awesome!!! I love the idea of renting different items. It seemed a little intimidating at first, but it makes the game even more fun than it already is. My favorite character so far is Ravio. I’m still laughing about the fact that Link and Ravio are roommates, and Link comes home after a hard day of world-saving to find Ravio setting up shop in his house. His response is pretty much along the lines of “you’re not really home anyway”. LOL. Yeah, this game is truly a gem. I can’t wait to see what other cool things I can do with this ability to turn into a walking painting. It’s really fantastic. I love you, Nintendo. ;__;

I’m going to use one of my giftcards to get Dream Drop Distance…if all goes according to plan. I should probably wait though. I already have Enslaved, LA Noire, and ALBW on my plate. I don’t know though. I’ve been wanting to play a Kingdom Hearts title for a long time. I’m on the verge of replaying KH1 or KH2 just to get my fix. *sigh* Fuck it. It’s practically free amirite.

Okay, I’m done being lame.

Happy New Year! 

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