14 Things I’m Still Going To Do In 2014


I’m still going to sacrifice sleep to work on my projects.

I’m still going to spend my weekends under blankets doing lame shit.

I’m still going to wish I was Beyonce.

I’m still going to scream at every update I find from the Drakengard/Nier universe.

I’m still going to treat  soundtracks like the holy grail.

I’m still going wish I lived in cities where it rains and/or snows a lot.

I’m still going to remember what everyone is capable of and keep the proper distance.

I’m still going to strive to become healthier while wondering if it is a futile effort in the long run.

I’m still going to gather stationery, notebooks, sketchbooks, and art supplies until it overwhelms me.

I’m still going to rely on stubbornness rather than optimism to get through shitty times.

I’m still going to avoid social gatherings like the plague.

I’m still going to keep a “jack of all trades but master of none” mentality towards my hobbies.

I’m still going to be a hermit.

I’m still going to whine about not having a PS4 until I eventually get one.


In other words, I’m still going to be a giant loser this year. Yay! *tosses confetti* I wish everyone with serious resolutions the best of luck, and I hope your 2014 is awesome. 😛

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