Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish) Is On Netflix!


I’m so happy!!!

To put how much I love this anime into perspective, I first watched it when I had a horrible bout of the flu. I’m talking you-should-probably-go-to-the-hospital type of flu. Yet despite the fact that I struggled to stay awake for more than a few hours on most of those sick days, I stayed up all night to watch the entire series of Kuragehime with no struggle at all. I was hooked. So was Mark. He was sick too but he couldn’t go back to sleep once he woke up in the middle of it.

Seriously, Kuragehime is funny, beautiful, and unique. At other times it’s heartbreaking too. It just has such a great message about being happy with who you are, no matter how much or how little you fit in. Wow. I just love this anime so much. I love the manga too. Please check it out if you’re bored and you need an anime to watch.

P.S. Thanks, Netflix!

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