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“People of the North Pole” Remastered + Fangirling

Do you know how I always joke about crying over things? Well, I’m not joking this time. My eyes actually watered when I first heard this rendition of “People of the North Pole”.

If this explanation rationalizes my reaction at all, I have been in love with “People of the North Pole” since I first heard it almost 13 years ago while playing Final Fantasy X. It’s been in my top five favorite songs of all time since then. So, to have Mr. Hamauzu create magic again out of something that is already magical to me… It’s overwhelming in a pleasant way.

I get really emotional about music, okay? ;___;

Anyway, I’ve had the song on loop and it’s probably going to stay that way for the next few months. Not even kidding. It’s amazing. My favorite part is that it reminds me of Kimahri, and I adore Kimahri. A lot. If all of my kimahri usernames don’t prove that then talking to me about Final Fantasy X will. I tend to ramble about what a perfect ronso Kimahri is and how my 13-14-year-old self could barely make it through the battle with his brothers because I was bawling the entire time. It was such a powerful battle to me. He was bullied his entire life for being different, and reacted by isolating himself from most people, but after so many years he finally decided that he had enough and he earned the respect he deserved. I can’t even think about it without a barrage of feels. I’m trash. Throw me in the garbage. LOL

Anyway, that’s it. Enjoy the music.

*ugly sobs*

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