Motivational Help For Fellow Nerds/Geeks


Cannot recommend this website enough if you have a lot of goals to meet. Habit RPG will reduce your HP (and levels) if you do not do what you promised yourself to do, so there is a lot of motivation to log-in daily and do your best. I set up my own rewards by linking HRPG gold to IRL dollars. However, you can always spend that money on things like armor, health potions, and weapons. You can even get a pet at some point. It’s really cool for RPG fans!

I also recommend The Nerdist Way if you’re an RPG fan who is looking for motivation. I’m sure I recommended this in the past, but I’ll do it again. Just because we’re on the topic of IRL RPGs.


It’s the ultimate self-help book for nerds/geeks. Chris Hardwick needs no introduction if you’re into that whole nerd/geek culture. If you have no idea who he is though then google him. He’s pretty funny! I digress. My favorite thing about this book is that it teaches you to turn your life into an RPG, much like Habit RPG. Here is an example of a stat sheet that Chris teaches his readers to make. This is not mine BTW. I cannot hope to be this talented TT__TT.

Anyway, here it is:


Pretty cool, right? I love how fierce her character is. She’s like: “I wish a motherfucker would try to get in the way of my self-improvement.” LOL. I’m stupid. Ignore me.

I’m always looking for anything that turns the mundane-ness of daily life into something fun like a game, so if you come across anything like Habit RPG or The Nerdist Way please let me know.

As always, the best of luck with your goals. I hope these help even a little bit.

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