Get These Pokemon Out Of My Face.

HNI_0038 HNI_0039

So…Pokemon X has completely taken over my life. Thanks a lot, Mark. >:|

Can I just say how much I love the Pokemon-amie feature? I get to pet, play with, and feed this adorable creature every day:


So cute. ♥

My Quilladin is five levels from evolving again, so that is going to be pretty exciting! My current team is Quilladin, Pikachu, Charmeleon, Absol, Beedrill, and Honedge. They’re all around level 30. Badge-wise, I only have two right now…because I tend to grind until my Pokemon are close to the losing-respect-for-you point. Then I hurry to the next gym. LOL. Horrible strategy, I know, but I get so caught up in the catching and leveling up and evolving *sigh*

Either way, there goes my plan to tackle Bully: Scholarship Edition this weekend. It’s…just not going to happen. 😦

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