What A Time To Be Alive

me right now tbh

me right now tbh

So if you haven’t heard yet, Viz now owns the licenses to Sailor Moon and they are ruining my life in the best way possible right now. Every Monday is “Moon-day”, as they dubbed it, because they will be releasing an episode of Sailor Moon every Monday on Hulu and NeonAlley.com. That’s just the start of it. It will be uncut — so none of the “cousins” bullshit with Haruka and Michiru. Also, everyone will be keeping their original names. There will be new dubs with new voice actors that are approved by Queen Naoka herself. DVD releases are coming in the Fall. Like…I don’t even know what the fuck I’m supposed to do right now. The new Sailor Moon is coming in July (Viz has the right to that too) and I’m still trying to process that.

So, a part of me is like:


But then I remember that Drakengard 3 is a few days away and it’s like too much emotions right now, so I’m like:


And I’m also like:


Because E3 is not even here yet, so that’s even MORE excitement on the way.

I mean, the Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire announcement was exciting enough…PLUS that Wild Hunt billboard photo I saw today…AND IT’S NOT EVEN JUNE YET. I don’t even know what to do right now. This is the greatest!

It’s our time, guys, and it’s only getting better. We have all the neat things being released in 2014 PLUS Age of Ultron, a new Batman movie, a new Star Wars movie, a Justice League movie, a Halo Movie, and all the other possible movies/games/animes/etc. in the works that will make the future even more exciting…

So happy, man.  ; u ;

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