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    When I’m not doing family stuff, I’m usually absorbed in one hobby or another. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, drawing, writing stories, playing video games, playing tabletop RPGs, reading regular novels and graphic novels, watching anime, cooking, decorating and organizing everything, learning new facts,  and finding new music, sci-fi, or fantasy creations to obsess over.

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086: Hail Hydra


Yikes, it’s been a while since I made a blog entry!

I decided that I am going to try a new blog layout. Instead of discussing 10-20 random subjects I am going to discuss the same seven topics every entry. If I don’t want to discuss my personal life, for example, then I will just put in that topic something along the lines of: “Don’t have anything to add.” And then I can go on to the next topic to ramble on about whatever I want. I think it will be less “jumpy” that way.

So…here I go. Let’s see how it works out.

✪ Personal Life ✪

Unfortunately, the most time-consuming thing to happen to me since my last blog entry was a flu virus from hell. Because of said virus I missed out on Free Comic Book Day as well as May the Fourth Be With You. So…that sucked balls. The thing that I am still annoyed about is that Mark caught the virus first and his flu was pretty much run-of-the-mill snot, coughing, and fatigue. That was it. Meanwhile, I catch the bug from him and it’s scary-high fever, stuffy nose, coughing up mucus and blood, vomiting, crippling muscle soreness, and just a general feel of impending death. So, I still give him evil glances about it and he’ll just shout: “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to infect you! God!” LOL. It’s all good though. After two weeks of doctor and hospital visits the demon bug has been medically exorcised. Thank everything, but most of all thank you to all the medical professionals who risk their own lives on a daily basis to keep the general population healthy. They don’t get enough recognition for that. It really is a tough job even without handling communicable illnesses.

Anyway, May was not all bad. Daniel came down from Florida, and we celebrated that by hanging out. By “we” I mean Tiffa, Mark, Daniel, and Brandon/Peaches/Rene/Barry Allen/Your Avatar Looks Like A Social Predator/Etc. If Ashley lived in GA I definitely would have called her up to join us. As asocial as I am I really love hanging out with them. I would do it everyday if our schedules weren’t so incompatible. Parenthesis, crying face. I did spend more time with Tiffa than anyone else which was awesome to me. Adulthood has hindered our chances to chat endlessly like we used to, so it was nice to have this chance to experience those chats again. I did feel like a blabbermouth because I spent so much time ranting about crappy things I was dealing with but at least we got plenty of laughs out of it.

Overall, though, May was okay. I dealt with a lot, learned a lot, and was fortunate enough to find myself in the company of people who always make things better. I can’t complain. That’s it in terms of life: work, hobbies, time with friends occasionally, time with demon illnesses occasionally, repeat.

✪ Art & Writing ✪

Everything has been Mythos. Everything. It is so sad how obsessed I am with my own creation. LOL. But, you know, there are people like George R. R. Martin and J.K. Rowling who admit that they pretty much live in the worlds they create, so maybe it is not a bad thing. Perhaps it does take a little obsession to create things like ASOIAF and Harry Potter. Anyway, back to the point. All I draw is Mythos and all I write is Mythos. I have brainstormed a few side projects as well as ways of tackling my art  challenge but…I was always end up back to that story again. So, I can’t really say much else besides that. D:

✪ Anime & Manga ✪

These recent Sailor Moon and Berserk updates are pretty much turning me into a giddy child. If I watch an anime that isn’t Sailor Moon then I will spend all of it thinking about Sailor Moon. If I read a manga that isn’t Berserk then all I think about is Berserk. That has pretty much been the gist of the weeaboo department of my life. I still can’t believe that the new Sailor Moon anime is less than two months away. I’m even more shocked that Miura released more than one Berserk chapter in a year. LOL. So, I’m pretty happy. My two favorite anime/manga series are still going. I cannot ask for more than that. Beyond those, I’ve been watching Magi. It’s a pretty interesting anime. I like the characters a lot, especially Morgiana and Sinbad. Wow…Sinbad is cute. I mean–

Sinbad_anime Kougyoku_&_SinbadSinbad_Appears

Yes. Good. *rubs palms creepily*

I digress.

 I did watch BTOOM! in one sitting. That wasn’t too bad. Beyond that, nothing.

✪ Video Games ✪

My pile of shame keeps increasing despite my poorness. XBL is to blame for that. Twice a month they give away free games, and often times those games end up downloaded on my hard drive. Then there are other times when XBL has games on sale for like 50-90% off and they happen to be really good games. I mean, what type of person would I be if I passed up a good sale AND a good game? I know that sounds like I am enabling a possible game addiction but it really isn’t. I promise. And that just makes me sound even more like an addict. Let’s just change the subject. D:

I am super excited about E3 2014. I cannot wait to hear more about Hyrule Warriors and Pokemon: Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire! Nintendo looks like it may “win” this year, but we will have to see. Sony pretty much blew my mind last year. I wonder if they will announce anything major this year too? I am always eager for FFXV and KH3 updates but I am not getting my hopes up too high. You know how that is…

What else?

No, I am not playing Drag-on Dragoon 3 because I do not have $500 lying around to grab a PS4 and the game. Yes, I do feel immense disappointment thinking of all the depression I am missing out on. Nothing crushes your soul like a Cavia game. I am looking forward to that in the future.

✪ Music ✪

This seems like a silly bullet but I do get really into music stuff sometimes. Nothing this time around though. It’s just been my usual soundtracks on Grooveshark while writing, and then Songza or 8tracks to pass time when I’m stuck doing something lame.

✪ TV & Movies ✪

Recently, I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier, The Monkey King, and Godzilla. I give a “nice” to Captain America, a “meh” to Monkey King, and another “meh” to Godzilla. That is seriously how I react to movies IRL: “fucking awesome,” “nice” “meh” “okay I guess”, and “that movie is a hate crime”.

I did somewhat-see this Rurouni Kenshin movie too. Almost forgot about that. I woke up in the middle of it but once I started watching it with Mark I couldn’t stop. Awesome battle scenes. Awesome characters. Just awesome. Or as Mark said: “10/10 would bang”. Don’t watch movies with us. All we do is say stupid shit the whole time and laugh at everything. LOL


As far as TV shows, it’s just been Game of Thrones and…that’s pretty much it. The season so far has been a disappointment. There are some highlights here and there, but…eh. Let’s hope it gets better.

✪ Whatever Else/Closing ✪

…Hmm, nothing else, really. I know there are a few popular discussion topics right now, but there is one that I really don’t want to talk about (the “virgin killer”), and the rest are so irrelevant to me that it would be a chore to discuss them (celebrity whatever). Honestly, I am only really focused on three things right now:

  1. Returning to college, if and when I am 100% sure I want to.
  2. Saving up for new glasses.
  3. Saving up for a PS4 + Drakengard 3.

That is pretty much it. Everything else is just the usual daily responsibilities, hobbies, and challenges.

Well, I’m off. I want to play some Mass Effect before Game of Thrones airs tonight. ._.

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