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The 27th Birthday


Gif is kind of relevant?

Well, this is going to be a boring birthday rundown post, so feel free to skip. >_>

Every July 18th signifies a day when I can be completely self-indulgent and not feel like a total asshole for it. So, as always, I took a personal day off from everything in order to really make the best of it.

If you want to get technical my birthday started at midnight, as did the “celebration”. Upon realizing that I could sleep in the next day I spent the entire night listening to music and working on “Mythos”. This, by Kerri standards, is like normal people going to the beach or something. I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to move forward with my story without worrying about any early morning responsibilities. My crazy writing session didn’t really end until around 5 a.m. or so…which is probably ridiculous but I was too happy to care. On top of all of the creative productivity and overload of inspiration, I also got to spend some time with Mark before he went to work. So, that made everything great.

Eventually I did sleep in–and probably would have slept even longer than my nine hours–until Mark came home. I woke up to mushiness (which I secretly enjoy despite my constant tsundere tendencies. LOL), cheesecake, and a gift card to Bath & Body Works. I”m not sure if I mentioned this on my blog yet, but I have a really weird obsession with pleasant smells. I love scented candles. I love perfume/body sprays. I love bath gels and lotions that smell very sweet. It is just my form of daily “aromatherapy” I suppose. So, in short, it was a very thoughtful gift that I would take full advantage of later.

Anyway, we watched a hilarious episode of At Midnight with Chris Hardwick, Aisha Tyler, Wil Wheaton, and Keven Pereira before we finally got ready and started celebrating. I decided the day before that I wanted to spend my birthday doing something that I have not done before. Adventurous experiences are a big passion of mine; therefore, it was important for me to spend my birthday doing something that was out of the ordinary, even if it was just going to a place I have never been before. Mark decided to take me on a mini-road trip where we pretty much went on the highway, stopped anywhere that looked interesting, and kept going. We ended up deciding to stop at Gainesville since he mentioned a Books-A-Million there that I have not been to before.

Driving alone was a blast in itself. We listened to a playlist of our favorite songs, laughed our asses off at pretty much everything we discussed, and took in the sights. By the time we made it to BAM at Lakeshore Mall our stomachs were hurting from all the laughing. Never again. I’m just going to not talk to him next time. LOL. The bookstore was really nice. I found a bunch of sketchbooks and notebooks that the other stores on my side of time did not have. Although he encouraged me to grab whatever I wanted I was really careful about spending too much…because I am a miser. -_-

We did find a B&BW in the mall where I immediately acted like a crazy person and sampled everything I could. Everything smelled so good! OMG ( ; w ; ). Okay, okay, I digress. They had this buy two get one free sale, so I bought two bottles of Pink Chiffon body spray and a bottle of Pink Chiffon body lotion. I really love that smell. It’s like a combination of sweets and flowers–two of my favorite scents. Mark would eventually regret giving me that shopping card because I started spraying everything with the Pink Chiffon sprays every chance I got. LOL. Yeah, I have issues volumes.

After that I asked to go to the Target near the mall because they tend to have a lot of cheap Hello Kitty stuff in their discount section. I didn’t get Hello Kitty stuff in the end though, just 24 FUCKING MULTICOLORED GEL PENS. FUUUUCK. I’m still excited about that. Everything I write glitters and glows now. *cries* I also got a pack of 50 lead pencils for $3 which was a fucking steal if I saw one. Did hella drawing with those last night. After that I felt like I was spending too much…BUT I still ended up with buying a cute plastic case covered with chibi cows (it’s a replacement of the one I gave to my nephews some time ago), a lead pencil with this soft gel cover, and a Hello Kitty pen with multiple ink colors later on at this Korean stationery store. Yeah, I’m a fucking mess.

To wrap it up, we went back to our side of town once it started to get dark and had Mexican food for dinner. Our server was a big nerd like us so we talked about all these movies together. After that I went to the adoption agency where we adopted Link to spend time with some the cats there, and found myself talking to a lady there who loved cats too. I did a lot of talking to strangers yesterday. I don’t know what it was but everyone I ran into yesterday was really nice. Thank you Based God.

The rest of the night was spent making my own notebook out of materials I picked up at Wal-Mart. It looks decent enough for my first try. It’s going to become my enchiridion for Mythos, so I’m excited about that…in, once again, my own weird Kerri way. I pretty much drew, wrote, and crafted the remaining hours of my birthday away. It was great. I’m so happy that it all went so great. Also, I’m really grateful for all the kind wishes I received. I know I am socially challenged, so it is a miracle that I have so many wonderful people in my life. Ah, I feel so giddy. I’m really thankful for such a pleasant birthday to look back on in the future.

So… How does it feel to be 27?

I really cannot say. I am the same person I was on July 17, of course, but I have been reflecting on what it means to be a 27 year old. It is not a significant number outside of the fact that I am fond of any number that starts or ends in 7. If I can, I want to accomplish something really important during this time. I was around seven years old when I really got into anime, and went out of my way to research means of entertainment outside of America. I was seventeen when I made a life-changing decision to abandon social norms and become my own person. So, at 27, I want do something that will forever alter my life as well. I do not want to call it a goal. It is more like a promise to make to myself. My third decade of life is looming, and even though it is just a number in the end I still want to find myself an improved human being by that time. Maybe I will go back to college. Maybe I will finally lead a healthy life by abandoning fast food and cigarettes for good. Maybe I will abandon some aspect of my life that I consider too negative to hold on to. I cannot say. But I know I will be doing plenty of brainstorming about it with my stationery supplies, right? 😛

Overall, my birthday was great!

The final gift that Mark and I agreed on is Guardians of the Galaxy. Actually, it is more like a birthday present for the both of us. We have been talking about seeing that movie for a while now, so it would be nice to grab two early tickets and arrange a time to watch it. I am already confident that it will be fun.

*sigh* Yeah…that’s it. I’m off to finish up some artwork. ♥

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