You Will Be Missed Dearly, Robin Williams.



Completely, completely, completely, heartbroken by the passing of Mr. Williams. I’ve just been a sobbing mess since I heard the news. To describe him to someone who is not familiar with his work… You will never find another entertainer like him. For many people, Mr. Williams represents decades of laughter and energy. At the same time he is capable of portraying the most heartbreaking characters. The Fisher King is one of those movies that I watch multiple times a year because it is just the perfect spectrum of everything he is: pure passion, heart, sweetness, and emotion. He will definitely be missed. I am so proud of fellow Robin Williams fans for offering so much support during this dark time, as he has done by making comedy that brought so much happiness to others during their dark times. Mr. Williams was an incredible person. He really was.

I really wish the absolute best to his family and friends. If fans who never knew him personally are gutted by his passing then I cannot imagine what it is like for his loved ones. If you happen to know someone who knew Mr. Williams please offer them complete support. They will definitely need it during this time.

Rest in peace, Robin Williams. You are gone but never forgotten.


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