Final Fantasy VII Screenshots: Pt. 1


I’m really happy with this menu gradient.

Not too long ago I downloaded FFVII via Steam because there was a massive FF summer sale that I could not pass up. Well…I had to pass up FFVIII. FFVII was and still is my favorite game in the FF series, so it all works out. Plus there is a 99.99% chance that I will download FFVIII after this replay. So… Yeah…

Really, I am loving this chance to return to childhood days of playing Final Fantasy for hours. Both my PSX and PS2 are trash now, so I haven’t played FFVII – FFIX in many years. Thank you, based Steam! Also, thanks for providing a screenshot feature that I am abusing shamelessly!

Anyway, here it is. A bunch of screenshots with dumb commentaries.

Proceed with caution. I get annoying when it comes to video games AND there are spoilers.



First of all, let me say that I did not discover the screenshot feature until I was way into the Shinra building…which blows dick for skittles. I wanted a screenshot of Don Corneo choosing crossdressing Cloud since I always forget to do something during that quest and I finally remembered everything this time around. Luckily, getting ultimate weapons and limit breaks is still etched in my memory. That helped A LOT. It also helped to remember those ribbon locations. Playing the game with ribbons is a must.

I digress.




Can’t stand the guy, but he has a point.


LOL. Poor Red XIII. He is the biggest introvert in the party next to Vincent, and he gets stuck in a cell with Barret.


This part still gives me chills. The first time I played FFVII I thought someone was going to jump out of the corner and attack us.


Did Sephiroth (or Jenova. Whatever.) just take his time painting the Shinra building with blood?


See what I mean?


I love this part! It establishes that Sephiroth (+ Jenova) is serious business. He is not the type of villain that can be changed with words or recollections of better days. He has a goal, and if he has to walk through an entire building and kill everyone in his path to accomplish it then he will do it. Sephiroth will always be in my top ten of best villains. He is so determined that even in death he fights to control the planet. Sorry for rambling. I just love getting into the heads of the characters, and understanding things from their viewpoint. I’ll try to restrain that habit the best I can. >_>;;


…And then came Crisis Core. Okay. Let me rephrase that. Sephiroth had a softer side before he went mad, and it was unnecessary IMO to add Genesis and Angeal as his “friends” to show that. Even though Cloud was no one relevant in Shinra, Sephiroth still remembered that his hometown was Nibelheim and asked him how he felt to return home. That is the behavior of someone who has the capacity to care about others. Sephiroth is often describe pre-madness as cold, but there are too many hints that he is more…inexperienced with socialization. Overall, though, he was a sweet person. I didn’t think Crisis Core needed to invent a backstory with fellow genetically manipulated friends to prove that. The fact that he was a gentle loner who happened to be an efficient killing machine added to his appeal. Sorry. I’m rambling again. This game gives me so much feels. ;_;


Cared absolutely zero for Rufus’ dad, but Rufus himself…I adore him. He always says things that are so pragmatic that they sound evil. But he actually has a point in the end. Also, the hair flip and shotgun. Fiercest bitch in Shrina tbh.


Rufus: “I know this bitch did not just….”


There is a glitch in this game that makes Sephiroth look permanently amazed. It is hilarious at times. At this scene it looked more like he was saying “Heeeeeeeeeey~” And Cloud’s reaction is pretty much: “I thought you were cool, man.”


Sephiroth: “Oh snap. Really?”


The glitch actually worked out here. He looks like he’s actually laughing at Zack/Cloud.


Meanwhile his actual mother is crying alone in some cave, wishing she was dead. Thanks for being a dick to your son and his mother, Hojo. It’s hard for me to even consider Sephiroth a villain because Hojo not only made the choices that turned Sephiroth into a villain (Why would you tell your son his mother’s name is Jenova when you married and impregnated his actual mother? Douchelord), but he later went on to encourage his messiah complex/insanity. I read somewhere that when Hojo entered the lifestream he pretty much became Sephiroth’s cheerleader and supported his ambition to continue attacking the planet in death. Hojo is the worst. Seriously. It’s even more pathetic when you put into consideration that Sephiroth had zero respect for him, and yet Hojo continued gushing about how great he is.




Nothing special. This was just a pretty scene.


That awkward moment when the president of your job hates the way you laugh.




*fights tears*


I’m definitely a Clerith person. Yes, I know, Tifa knew Cloud since childhood, but…she didn’t really *know* him. He went out of his way to join SOLDIER because she had a group of friends she preferred to play with and rarely paid him any mind. That doesn’t make Tifa bad at all. Cloud admitted later on that he thought she and her friends were immature for always laughing at stupid shit, but it was obvious from the fact that he kept staring through her window and following her that he REALLY wanted to be her friend. And then there is Aerith. From the moment they met he did not have to fight for her to notice him. Of course, she was drawn to him because he was so much like Zack, but she expressed later on that she wants to meet “the real Cloud”. I thought that was really sweet. Even when Sephiroth/Jenova controlled him like a puppet and made him attack her (then later tried to kill her), she still forgave him because he wasn’t himself. Yep… I love Clerith. I love Tifa too. Don’t get me wrong. I just think Aerith would have made Cloud so happy if she didn’t go. Advent Children kind of confirmed that since, sorry to say, even with Tifa around Cloud did not find any real solace in his life. He needed to hear from Aerith that everything was okay before he was able to smile again. That’s the type of beautiful connection they had. COME AT ME, CLOTI FANS. LOL. I’m kidding. Cloti is cute too. And the fact that Aerith and Tifa had this rivalry/sisters relationship makes it even cuter. No matter how they felt about Cloud, it was clear that they both enjoyed one another’s company. The fact that Tifa responded to Aerith’s death by grooming her hair, touching her face, and then running away to cry is proof that there is no “they hate each other” bullshit that some fans like to invent. Jealously happens when two friends love the same guy, but it does not take away from the fact that they loved one another too. It is just a complex love triangle made better by the fact that all three participants respect and adore one another too much to let feelings turn them into enemies. Wow… This caption turned into a novel. Sorry. 😦


This scheme was nice while I had it. It made me want to go back to Jamaica. LOL


I always cry at this part. No exceptions.


…And then his dad starts crying…and then Red XIII howls…*weeps for an eternity*





I had to get this screenshot. This would be the last time Aerith was in my party. I made sure to get Princess Guard and Great Gospel because she is a princess and she deserves all the nice things.




Then he starts chasing her. She didn’t even die yet and I was already fighting tears. *shakes fists* DAMN YOU FFVIII!!!!


Not a good time, Sephiroth. Not a good time.


Aaaaaand I cried again. LOL. This is still the worst video game death for me. It caught me off guard, and continues to catch me off guard every time I replay.  If anyone deserved a happy ending it was Aerith. *sigh* Never ready for her death. BTW: I just noticed for the first time that after Cloud releases Aerith into the water he holds his stomach. Poor Cloud… ;_;


Another nice scenery.


Nice picture. It just sucks that it was used to basically destroy Cloud. Damn you, Sephiroth! You’re so evil, but you’re so good at being evil that you become awesome!


The moment I knew Cloud was broken: When he goes to Hojo and begs for a number like the other experiments…and then basically gets called a loser by the biggest loser in the history of losers.


This part sucked so bad. Not in quality. It just sucked. The fact that he kept apologizing for what he was about to do just…sucked.


And there he is. The most beautiful man on the planet. He doesn’t even need a lower body. Still beautiful. LOL


HOW DID SEPHIROTH EVEN COME FROM HOJO? Like, even in Dirge of Cerberus with the updated graphics and all Hojo was still a borderline creature. Sephiroth must have taken *everything* from his mother. Lucrecia is definitely gorgeous. It happens sometimes in the genetic lottery, I guess, and Sephiroth won the jackpot. He definitely inherited whatever narcissistic/sociopathic ailment Hojo has though. Which is sad.


Is Rufus wrong though?


I like seeing Vincent’s warm side. He’s so sweet.


…This looks wrong and you know it.






Also yep.




The only thing that tops this is The Forgotten Capital…which is pretty much an entire city devoted to elements of the ocean. Seashells, conches, fishes, water — it’s really nice. I wish I took a picture of it, but I was too busy dreading the imminent loss of Aerith. D:


Is this game ever not sad? Even the Gold Saucer is sad…because I lose at everything. LOL. Seriously, though, Vincent’s past is really heartbreaking. If Hojo was out of the picture, and Lucrecia got her wish to stay with their son, then Vincent would have been Sephiroth’s step-father. Assuming they had the freedom to play out their feelings for one another..

That’s all for now. After acquiring Death Penalty and Chaos, I plan to continue breeding chocobos, grinding, and working towards getting Omnislash from the battle arena. Then I have to deal with the weapons and other stuff, so I’m a long way from finished. It is my “thing” that I don’t go to the Northern Cave until I reach level 99… So I won’t. I’m kinda almost there though. I’m at level 57 right now. 42 more levels to go. And a shit ton of materias to master. I’m on my way!

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