Final Fantasy VII Screenshots: Pt 2


So… I accidentally beat the game?

I was supposed to go to the Northern Cave to do some grinding and farming, and I ended up fighting Jenova Absolute…then Bizarro Sephiroth…then One-Winged Angel Sephiroth…then topless Sephiroth…and then it all kind of happened so quickly. This isn’t the first time I did something dumb like this (“Hey, let me grind in this final dungeon aaand the game is done) , but oh well. I still have Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon to beat as well as achievements to unlock. I’ll just post those later on. -_-



Yay! This is an outdated screenshot BTW. I got her to Class S. Finally. I hate racing Tenoh. It’s lame that they always put his stats higher than yours, even if you’re maxed out. Aerith’s speed isn’t that great (150-something) but I got her stamina maxed out at 999, and Tenoh STILL had more stamina at like 1,000-something. Oh well. Nothing is faster than a gold chocobo, so whomp whomp.


Aerith’s mom and aunt, I think? Yeah… Chocobo inbreeding.


Dad slash uncle…I think?


No inbreeding with this one…thankfully. But I still had to let her and Vivi’s parents go to make more room at the stables. Their names were Zack and Aerith. >_>


Ah, so cute~


2014-09-23_00001 2014-09-23_00002 2014-09-23_00003



Cloud, what are you doing?


She definitely did. Her father was murdered before she and her mother were treated like experiments for years. It wasn’t until her mother lost her life trying to save Aerith that she experienced a life of freedom in the slums (of all places). That still did not stop Shinra and their Turks from constantly harassing her. Aerith had a rough life, yes, yet she was always so happy. I really look up to people and characters like Aerith for finding silver lining in everything.


On The Way To A Smile is a good post-FFVII read, especially when it comes to Aerith. She really did want to come back and be with everyone again–especially Cloud–but she knew her place was in the lifestream where she could monitor Sephiroth.


I like that before he “died” he gave Diamond Weapon the ultimate bitchface.


I doubt Lucrecia would hold that against him. DOC confirmed that she knew Vincent was lying about Sephiroth being dead when he visited her in that cave, and she also knew what Sephiroth became. There was really no choice…but that’s still a terrible conclusion for any mother to accept.


How would Red XIII even pull his parachute though? -_-


I didn’t get the “there are other ways of expressing ourselves besides words” or whatever dialogue since I chose Aerith x Cloud over Tifa x Cloud, but it’s definitely hinted that they got busy before the big battle. *grabs megaphone* “GET IT”.




Yeah, Cloud. Stop rushing her. Damn.




Thinking about everyone where those pink ribbons in Advent Children. *ugly sobs*


No, stop. ;_;


We meet again, bitch.


Yeah, I’m petty as fuck, but fuck that snake. I failed to outrun him on my first attempt and he killed everyone, so I promised I would beat his ass once I got strong enough. HOW DOES IT TASTE. >:I


This is pretty much the moment (after Jenova Absolute) when I went: “Shit! Shit! I need to go back!” LOL. I remembered the Northern Cave being MUCH longer, but I guess I was wrong. I’m also pretty pissed because I managed to get Yuffie to morph a tonberry into a ribbon…and now it’s gone. BTW: Yuffie + Conformer + Morph = AWESOME. She is definitely not as useless as the FFVII community makes her out to be. You just have to use her for the right stuff. Maybe it’s the same with Cait Sith, but I still don’t use him much. Anyway, I’m going to replay later on, get the ribbon again, and GTFO out of the Northern Cave.


I got through Bizarro and One-Winged Angel Sephiroth pretty fast thanks to Knights of the Round, but that still didn’t help me from getting my ass handed to me via supernova. Oh well. Bye, Felicia. Also, how the hell did Sephiroth get so tan? He is in the deepest abyss on the planet, far from sunlight, and he’s still tan as fuck.


LMAO @ Yuffie. She is not trying to hear any shit at this point in time. She’s ready to nap.


Wow. His pauldron looks beat the fuck up.


“Finally done with everyth–




So pretty. *.*


I love that Cloud is just 1000% done with Sephiroth’s shit. He enters the battle ready to beat his ass.


What the hell has Sephiroth been doing this whole time? P90X?


Look at that six pack, son! Hella ripped.


He is either freakishly tall or Cloud is short. I read somewhere that Vincent was taller than Sephiroth…which is ridiculous.


Sephiroth: “Don’t mind me. I’m just going to stand here while you beat the crap out of me again.”

2014-09-28_00018 2014-09-28_00019 2014-09-28_00020 2014-09-28_00021 2014-09-28_00022


I like in Advent Children when Sephiroth asked: “Where did you get all of this strength?” …Did you and your “mother” not witness that strength like ten times? LOL


He looks so ashamed in this screenshot. And still tan as fuck. How the hell?


Ah, Sephiroth. He even dies pretty. That Sailor Moon villain realness. Actually, he looks A LOT like Kunzite…and Cloud kind of looks like Zoisite. Go wild Cloud and Sephiroth shippers. LOL


He looks so relieved. Aw, Cloud. You’re free. ; u ;

2014-09-28_00030 2014-09-28_00032 2014-09-28_00033 2014-09-28_00034

He thought it was Aerith, didn’t he? ; n ;


Tifa should know by now that Cloud’s way of “understanding” things is pretty far from what everyone else understands. LOL


Poor Tifa. He’s just smiling and talking about Aerith, and she’s like: “Oh.”


It must be tough being in love with someone who is clearly attached to someone else. I do think their relationship is more than friends in Advent Children, but that still doesn’t stop Cloud from dwelling on Aerith and the guilt he felt for not protecting her. I think it’s a lot like a widow or widower remarrying, and their spouse constantly feeling like they’ll never be as good as the wife/husband that passed. It does really suck for Tifa.


Tifa, pls. LOL. It must be nice having big boobs though. They can literally save your life according to FFVII. Also, Cloud looks so creepy in this screenshot. He was waiting so long for this moment.


“We saw that, Tifa.” (I hate that Yuffie and Vincent weren’t included in the final scenes)


Are you okay, Cloud? He’s either high or not even remotely interested in being reunited with the others. “It’s nice to see you guys, I GUESS.”


Aw, Barret looks adorable here. And Cid is the wrong person to ask. He never gives a fuck.


Red XIII my favorite FFVII character (as much as I praise Aerith). He’s so precious. Look at that adorable face. ; w ;





I found out that when you return to the church in Midgar you can see a sprite of Aerith appear and disappear really fast. It kind of freaked me out. The kids in the church were playing with her until Cloud showed up. Then they started asking where the flower girl went. I love how all the children view Aerith as this maternal figure, even in death. It just shows how gentle and kind-hearted she was.

2014-09-28_00059 2014-09-28_00062 2014-09-28_00063 2014-09-28_00066 2014-09-28_00067 2014-09-28_00068 2014-09-28_00069 2014-09-28_00071 2014-09-28_00073 2014-09-28_00074


“I’m so high right now.”

2014-09-28_00077 2014-09-28_00078 2014-09-28_00080

The real hero of FFVII. :’)

2014-09-28_00082 2014-09-28_00084 2014-09-28_00085 2014-09-28_00086 2014-09-28_00087 2014-09-28_00088 2014-09-28_00089 2014-09-28_00090 2014-09-28_00091 2014-09-28_00092

I wish they did a novella or game about the planet 500 years later. Are there even humans left? Is Sephiroth and Jenova still an active threat? Is Aerith still guarding the planet? So many questions!



And there it is.

I was not ready to end this game…because I’m never ready to end this game…but perhaps it all worked out. Knowing me, I would have postponed beating the game long after I accomplished everything, and never went around to it. I think it’s just bittersweet for me to end anything pleasant, IRL or otherwise. But it’s nice. It’s nice to see relive all of those uncertainties again while also reliving the fact that the party of FFVII really came a long way. But that’s kind of every RPG, right? ^_^;

Well, the only thing left to do now is accomplish all of those random sidequests, and possibly move on to an FFVIII replay. Once I get around to defeating those weapons I’ll probably post more screenshots. It depends. Nothing is ever final in Final Fantasy. LOL. This was fun. I can’t wait for the next replay.

‘Til next time, I guess.

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