New Project Title + New Webpage


Alright. Mythos is out and The Millennium Sorceress is in. No more debating with myself. This is it. *wheezes*

I also changed the “official” website from to I seriously just started on it, so everything is still under construction. If things go well (aka I stop fucking around on the internet, hulu/netflix/youtube, and spending hours on my xbox/3ds) I will upload some drawings soon. I’m semi-proud of them because compared to the shit I’ve been drawing recently these pictures actually turned out kind of decent. I’ll post those here, on the *new* TMS subdomain, and deviant art (still at ghostsymbol. Yep… I really have to stop naming everything after my favorite songs and characters). Blah blah blah, I’m doing something besides lazing and rotting. Finally. :’D

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