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FFVIII Screenshots: Part 1

First off, gotta thank Mark for getting me FFVIII on Steam for Christmas. I have been waiting to play this game since I finished FFVII a few months ago, so this is awesome~

As always there will be a fuckton of screenshots and stupid comments. Do I really need to give a spoiler warning? It’s been like 15 years since this game came out. Come on now. LOL. Seriously, if you haven’t played FFVIII then play it right now. In fact, play FF through FFXII immediately. You’re missing out, brah. Ok. Moving on.


I will always remember making this Edea statue in art class, and gaining the most valuable art lesson from my teacher (Miss Baldree) when it came to making artwork involving women: say no to uniboobs. I really did have this bad habit of drawing and sculpting women with shapeless lumps on their chest until Ms. Baldree was like: “No, look at this”. Then she divided the uniboob into two and shaped them into circles. So simple yet so eye opening. LOL. Man, I miss art class. I miss Miss Baldree. ;_;

2014-12-26_00005 2014-12-26_00006

Best FF opening sequence tbh.

2014-12-26_00009 2014-12-26_00011

I know Seifer’s a little shit at times most of the time, but I adore him. He really embodies this ongoing theme in FFVIII of children having to become adults way before their time because their world is so messed up. The biggest issue with Seifer is that he tried to grow up way too fast, and that led to his habit of always trying to overcompensate for the experience he clearly lacked. Poor Seifer. I know I’m nowhere near the end in this playthrough, but it was such a relief to see him smiling and laughing and being silly at the end. I was so worried that he would die before he finally learned that youth isn’t some flaw to erase in the presence of adults. Thank you, based Squaresoft for not killing him! ( T w T )


Squall and I have the same reaction to getting injured: GET PISSED.




I wish I fell that gracefully. I know I go into panic mode when I fall, so… that wouldn’t be cute at all.

2014-12-26_00019 2014-12-26_00021



Says the most predictable character in the game.


Don’t even look in his direction, Seifer. You know what you did.


I know the ellipses option is a more Squall-esque answer, but it’s hard to be a dick in video games. Even when the protagonist is pretty much a dick most of the time.


I was waiting for him to go “NOPE” and just leave.



2014-12-26_00039 2014-12-26_00041 2014-12-26_00043 2014-12-26_00047

Need esuna for that burn?


I always said that if they made a FFVIII movie Cid should be played by Robin Williams. They look so much alike, and they have the same personality where they choose humor and empathy to relate to others. This makes me sad…


Chicken-wuss is a terrible insult. Seriously, if someone called me chicken-wuss I wouldn’t even get pissed. I’d just ask, “What the fuck does that even mean?”

2014-12-26_00055 2014-12-26_00056

Can definitely see the River Phoenix inspiration here.


I kinda forgot to save that dog when I was running away from that robot. Whoops…


Seifer had a beautiful dream, but he played knight to the wrong sorceresses. 😦


Every time I hear the word “selfie” I think of Selphie, and it makes the term 50% more tolerable.


Looks so much like Laguna, but also looks so much like Raine.

2014-12-26_00070 2014-12-26_00072

Relax. You’re the main character. We all know that you are going to survive this.

2014-12-26_00073 2014-12-26_00076


2014-12-26_00078 2014-12-26_00079

I love Balamb. I want to live there so badly. ;-;

2014-12-26_00081 2014-12-26_00085

Once more, I know Seifer is a douchelord most of the time, but I felt bad for him. He failed the SeeD exam multiple times and had his own superiors pretty much tell him that he’ll never be a member of SeeD. That’s the thing about problem children. You want to hate them because they’re always causing trouble and making a mess of things, but you know there is something much deeper behind all of that mischief.


Squall is rude as hell. Just marching in his dorm mate’s room like he owns the place.


*Rick James voice* Cold-blooded

2014-12-27_00006 2014-12-27_00008

I’m always caught off guard when Squall doesn’t have his resting bitch face. He looks 100x more adorable.

2014-12-27_00010 2014-12-27_00012 2014-12-27_00015

“Girl, please. I’m not walking all the way over there.”


Okay, let’s be honest. If Squall really didn’t want to dance he could have easily fought Rinoa off and walked away. Stop acting like a pretty girl asking you to dance is such an inconvenience.


Look at him holding his hand out. He was just waiting. LOL You’re not fooling anyone, Squall.


I felt so bad for the couple they collided into because they were just minding their business when Squall and Rinoa came out of nowhere and damn near pushed them on the floor. One is acting like nothing happened while the other one is making faces at them like it’s their fault.  Would not recommend parties at Balamb Garden. Rude ass people there. 0/10

2014-12-27_00026 2014-12-27_00030 2014-12-27_00032 2014-12-27_00035

Look at that face~

2014-12-27_00036 2014-12-27_00038 2014-12-27_00040 2014-12-27_00041

*Rick James voice* Cold-blooded


I was dying at this part. Laguna just straight up parked their truck in the middle of the street, and when someone told him it was unacceptable he replied with something along the lines of: “Don’t worry. It’s cool.” It’s really not, Laguna. LOL


I think anyone would have this reaction if their crush invited them into their hotel room.


Being an adult myself hasn’t changed the fact that I still get lectured by older people about that shit.


One of my favorite parts: Edea’s first appearance. The first time I played I got chills.

2014-12-27_00051 2014-12-27_00053

“You’re a jerk.”
“I know.”

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