Need An Animal Crossing App? Of Course You Do! + Happy New Year!


*casually waits for 7 pm everyday*

This app is a must for Animal Crossing fans, especially if you like the music of the game series. Just as the game changes its music according to the hour of the day this app does the same thing, and every Saturday at 10 pm you can even listen to K.K. Slider songs. It’s pretty neat. You do have the option to choose which AC game you would like as a source of music too. I tend to stick to New Leaf and switch between the snow version or the normal version of the songs. There is no rain version that I know about so… that kinda sucks… but it’s still a really cool browser app.

Okay, that’s it. Go add some (more) AC in your life.

Also, Happy 2015, everyone! Sending good vibrations~~~ >_<


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