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The Most Useless Review of “Vulnicura”


Quick summary:

  • Bjork announced that she would be gracing us lesser mortals with a new album in March called “Vulnicura”.
  • Her fans proceeded to freak the fuck out, myself included.
  • Then like two days ago her album leaked.
  • Even though it’s not due until March, Bjork went on facebook and pretty much said: “wow it leaked. lol whatever. anyway i’m going to release it now instead of letting you guys wait two months to listen to it legally. enjoy~”
  • That’s the gist of it.


My Useless, Crappy, Dumb Review (ft. Maurice Moss from The IT Crowd):

Warning: Hella gifs and fangirling.


  • Stonemilker

    • Show me emotional respect/ I have emotional needs/ I wish to synchronize our feelings.”


Bjork has this talent for perfectly verbalizing feelings that I can never put into words myself. Like, that one line alone effortlessly summed up all the frustration I have towards some people that I could never pinpoint. Usually I’d automatically react to the offense I felt by saying: “Whatever, I’m leaving” or “I’ll just ignore it again”; however, to have the thing that has been eating at me forever simplified in two sentences is just…. UGH. That is a good “ugh” by the way. Great, great, great track. Moving tempo. Relatable lyrics. I mean, even before I picked up all the lyrics I could just feel the frustration she felt from being mishandled. I just… *sigh* *cries twin waterfalls*


  • Lionsong

    • You don’t hear love songs like this often. Most love songs are about falling in love or breaking up. You don’t really hear songs about those moments when the other person changes for the worst and you have to dread what will happen next since you’re still together. Bjork keeps saying “maybe he will do this”, “maybe he will do that”, and then she pretty much accepts that constantly wondering left her too frustrated to give a shit anymore. It’s… refreshing. Nice beats, nice lyrics. It’s a good track.



  • History of Touches

    • Not a bad song. Okay beat. Meaningful lyrics. I just didn’t connect to it. Sorry. 😦


  • Black Lake

I did it for love, I honored my feelings/You betrayed your own heart, corrupted that organ/ Family was always our sacred mutual mission which you abandoned/ You have nothing to give/ Your heart is hollow.” (!!!!!!!!)


I don’t know who Bjork is singing to in this song but he got dragged. Anyway, this track evolves. It starts soft then grows more energetic as she gets angrier. I love it so much. The string arrangement, the way she rolls her r’s in this song (it is worth mentioning because it sounds nice), the lyrics–I get goosebumps every time I listen. It’s the perfect song to listen to when you’re just fed up with someone’s shit. LOL

  • Family

    • I can’t relate to the theme of this song (a mother mourning the loss of her family unit since she is not getting along with the father but they still have a child to raise), but I’ve heard this tale from so many people. Family, friends, co-workers, strangers, other bloggers–so many go through this. I think it is a good song to make for those fans of hers who are enduring this type of situation. I mean, the whole purpose of this album to me is healing emotional wounds (“vulni + cura”/”wound” + “heal”), and maybe someone will find healing in this song. I do love the composition. I love that the melody changes to match the words of her lyrics. It’s beautiful. I can actually feel the sadness, panic, anger, and then gradual acceptance she makes of her situation.


  • NotGet

    • This song reminded me “Pluto”. It slowly but surely builds to a really energetic song. Once again, this song carries the message of healing from a wound, particularly the wound of a relationship falling apart and having to find a cure that works for you but not so much the other party.  I love the beat BTW.



  • Atom Dance (ft. Antony Hegarty)

    • I’m fine tuning my soul” (That one line alone is me as hell though)

Looove this song. The arrangement of string instruments is just… Wow. I love how the song just gets better and better by the second. Perfection. Love Antony Hegarty’s vocals. So much love, man. I also like the message of focusing on bettering yourself either through growing with someone or leaving them behind. It’s so good. I can’t even say anything else.


  • Mouth Mantra

Me when the song started:


Me by the end of the song:


I will love “Mouth Mantra” for the rest of my life. Awesome beat, equally awesome message. It describes the frustration of being in a relationship where the other party puts you in a position where you can’t even speak honestly anymore, and you keep sacrificing everything to please them until you feel 100% done. Loooove~


  • Quicksand

    • Nice instrumental arrangement, but I didn’t really connect to this song. I also didn’t pick up the message in this song either. I am sure it ties in with the theme of healing. I’m really not speaking negatively about “Quicksand”. Others consider it one of the strongest songs on the album, so listen to it for yourself and see if you connect to it better. IDK.



Overall, I would definitely recommend this album to Bjork fans. If I had to compare it to a past album I would compare it to Vespertine. It has a lot of memorable tracks, and really made up for all the things Biophilia lacked. No, I am not shitting on Biophilia. Not at all. Zero percent. But Biophilia was more of a project of Bjork’s that revolved around science and using different technological advancements to get her fans familiar with the beauty of science. That alone is extremely ambitions. Believe me, I respect Bjork immensely for that, but it was less of an album that came from a personal place and more of an album dedicated to her love for science. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that as enjoyable as Biophilia was it was not really on the same level as say Vespertine or Debut or Homogenic. That’s all.

Back on point. This album is definitely worth purchasing, and I will get any special-deluxe-limited edition version of “Vulnicura” that she might release. I would do something like that. If  I were in Bjork’s place I would add special features to the physical album or something so it is not identical to the leak, and nerds like me will snatch it up like our lives depend on it. I’m crossing my fingers for this album’s success. It should definitely succeed.

Okay. That’s it. I’m done being a fangirl… for now. >:J


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